Album: Robopop (2012)

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Song: No Bed For The Wicked (Demo)

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Kenny:Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam:Bass, Backing Vocals

Full Length Album 'Robopop' Available on itunes, Amazon, and Spotify this Halloween!
Al Bundies Army is a punk rock/power pop band from St Louis, MO. Founded in March 2011 by guitarist Kenny Joslen, their first full length album, ROBOPOP, was released digitally in late July of the same year. It is an upbeat album, despite its dreary lyrical content, and manages to keep a humorous perspective on even its most depressing material. ROBOPOP contains 13 tracks about girls, failure a...nd pop culture.

A documentary entitled SOMETHING BUNDIE THIS WAS COMES was released in early 2012, chronciling the band's struggles recording their first album and the road leading up to their first few shows as a band.

Al Bundies Army has recorded four music videos in support of ROBOPOP: "Paying For Drugs in Change" provides a stark, black and white look at their hometown of St Louis, Mo; "No Bed For The Wicked" intercuts Ed Wood style UFOs with live footage of the band performing; "Hunchback Mountain" was filmed at Kingshighway Skatepark and showcases local skateboarders; "Never Was" is a fast paced, humorous take on Bob Dylan's music video for "Subtereanean Homesick Blues".

The Army has done multiple interviews for internet and college radio, recieving airplay on independent stations across the country. In the year following ROBOPOP's release, the band played nearly 30 shows in and around the St Louis area in support of that album, even playing with legendary punk rock acts like Sloppy Seconds and Jack Grisham (ex singer for TSOL and Joykiller).

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