No songs for this band.

here is the entire comprehensible band history:
starting in the month of november in 2001, bleeding kansas formed. all four members of bleeding kansas were all in a band called the jackson 9 and dave, ben, daniel, and mike decided to be in a band together as the j9 was never a full time band. they started writing music in daniel's garage, recorded a 5 song demo on a 4 track, and played a few shows. they played more shows and recorded 8 songs half at the desktop dungeon and half in an abandoned wherehouse in north hollywood. songs from that got taken and put on the split cd/lp w/ la mantra de fhiqria that came out on arms reach recordings out of chicago. they got a practice room, played more shows, and recorded 7 songs, but this time it was all recorded at the desktop dungeon. some of those songs got used for the jazz hands 7" and the horse the band split 7". more shows ensued. they recorded 2 more songs (@ the DD) for a split with the great redneck hope. they then decided to cruise to boston to record a 7 song ep w/ their internet boyfriend kurt ballou at god city. the grh split came out on friends forever/dood/lol, and they went on tour together. then their cd came out on abacus. mike left the band. jeremiah took time off of drinking beer to play bass. they played more shows. and that brings us up to date!