Album: Fall 2011 (2011)

Song: Forced Out

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Preserving the legacy of Pennsylvania hardcore since 2004, Barricade has been strong-minded on playing aggressive music by their own set of standards since day one. Traditional east coast hardcore crossed with modern influences and a dependable work ethic found Barricade recording their first full length "Be Heard" on Blackout! Records. After several successful tours throughout the U.S. and some musical refinements, Barricade released a self Titled EP on Hand Of Hope Records, Followed shortly after by there Eulogy Recordings Debut "Demons". A few more tours would follow the release of "Demons", but in 2010 Barricade announced that East Coast Tsunami Fest '10 would be their last show before going on hiatus. After over a year apart Barricade has re-emerged with a fresh line-up, songs and attitude ready to carry on the legacy of Pennsylvania hardcore into the Future.

Official Releases:
Be Heard- Blackout! 2006
Self Titled 7"- As One/Creep 2008
Demons- Eulogy 2008

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