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fuckin hell yeah!!
7/21/2019 10:49:00 PM
Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Once a target is flagged, their information is sent out to the community at large, and they are followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in. A covert investigation might also be opened, and electronic means used by the civilian spies/snitches as part of the overt and covert monitoring and surveillance process.

The citizen informants can be parts of these community oriented policing programs, but are often just average citizens. Everyone in the targets life is contacted, advised as to why the individual has been flagged, advised not to discuss the flagging and asked to be a part of the ongoing, never ending monitoring (systemic harassment) process. This process is covertly designed to destroy the target over time, leaving them with no form of support.

Gang Stalking is experienced by the Targeted Individual as psychological attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying them over time. The covert methods used to harass, persecute, and falsely defame the targets often leave no evidence to incriminate the civilian spies.

It's similar to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It called Gang Stalking, because groups of organized community members stalk and monitor the targets 24/7.

"Joe blew the whistle at work about the bad things that his company was doing. To silence Joe, they had him flagged as aggressive and dangerous. His information was sent out to every community, store, apartment, and future job. Then the Gang Stalking began in earnest.

After Joe got flagged his life feel apart, weird things started to happen, harassment, mobbing, he thought he was going crazy, but it was really just the community acting hyper vigilante trying to get rid of him. They assumed based on the flagging that he was crazy or dangerous."

I'm a victim of this phenomena, and remain to this day. The reasoning behind the systematic destruction of first my mental stability followed by my occupation and home situations leaving me destitute and disenfranchised remain unknown to this day
fuckin hell yeah!!
7/22/2019 12:11:00 AM
They already know
fuckin hell yeah!!
7/22/2019 12:23:00 AM
I've been left absolutely devastated by the events that occurred in the last 8 months

I did not plan well

These people play a serious game
fuckin hell yeah!!
7/22/2019 12:40:00 AM
They got into my tablet

I was enticed with drugs then kidnapped and experimented on

They even took the screws out of the bottom of my chairs
fuckin hell yeah!!
11/15/2019 7:45:00 AM
The stalking kicked up again starting Monday. Entire crew of my work began systematic harassment consisting of attempts to first build confidence through positive comments then immediately following it with a negative attack in a constant up and down cycle of verbal abuse. One person plays the good friend role and eventually they turn too in an attempt to isolate me to the point that I am expected to snap and leave my job and hang myself with my own rope. I refuse to give in and just continue on like it's not happening because I need to pay my rent and actually enjoy my job. It's been insane I actually stayed awake from Monday till last night because of the paranoia and feelings of social withdrawal became so intense but I finally got rest last night. The team of hired actors that Target me began the assault as soon as I woke up, though, the upstairs neighbor was paid to let them use their apt to send abusive words and threats from through the ceiling down into my floor and of course nobody else hears it (*rolls eyes*) it's fucking dumb cuz it's so obvious and I've become numb to it's effects so they ramp up efforts to increase the pressure but I'm still holding strong. I have done nothing but endure these assassination attempts and I'm currently working on smoking out the rat that's spreading the list of phrases around to the other stalkers that agree to attack me and single me out. I'm too strong mentally to let this insanity defeat me and I'm ready for the assault to continue. It's a war of attrition and I'm refusing to back down. They won't let up on the pressure but I'm holding strong. Workplace mobbing is a commonly used tactic to filter out marginalised society members such as myself targetted because of my strong presence and paranoid personality issues from drug use. It's easy to notice it happening but takes skill to address and identity stalking attacks between normal interactions with people encountered throughout the day and remain level headed and appear unaffected. Today will be day 5 of the latest relentless assault and I'm trying to rest up before the war heats up later after my shift begins. "Can you hear it getting louder?" Yes fucker I do, thanks for the feigned concern, fuck off and hand me my change and cigarettes bitch. Be safe good luck. Don't let these psychic vampires drain your energy and defeat you. Either kill yourself or quit were there conditions of white peace and I refuse either, the war rages on