Country Music Videos on YouTube Are Gaining Traction and Redefining the Country Genre 1 replies, 909 views

8/22/2019 6:25:00 PM
Tenille Townes hit “Somebody’s Daughter,” ( and Eileen Carey's “Meet Me Halfway” (, are only two examples of a larger movement towards female country singers expanding what sort of topics can be highlighted in country music.

Music trends are often fleeting, changing frequently, but one thing is for sure: this year the women of country music are putting work in to redefine their genre. Tenille Townes made waves with her hit “Somebody’s Daughter,” which opened up a difficult discussion about the life stories behind the people standing on corners with cardboard signs. Also in an effort to open a dialogue about a current social issue, country singer-songwriter Eileen Carey speaks out about overwhelming screen time in her song “Meet Me Halfway.” The Track doesn’t diss social media and digital use, but instead politely asks that people put in some effort to reconnect with reality.

It is an empowering and refreshing change, and will be very interesting to see the trend unfold as more artists find their own ways to speak out on important topics and move away from the traditional topics of country music: love, heartbreak, and being “country.”

Eileen Carey, in particular, has been doing this for some time, and will definitely be a reoccurring artist on country music charts. The links below can help you learn more about her: