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Klaxton had entangled himself in a web of more truths than most any other man . The air was thin in the place that he occupied, yet he was not entirely alone. After years of silence, a scraping could be heard below. A desperate and sorrowful scraping. Who was this man on a path to transcendence?

The ground had become opaque enough that Klaxton could see the being through the floor of time. In was Joshua. He had finally reached the last obstacle in his path to direct contact with Cubus Rotatus Leviton Esotallion, otherwise known as "The Time Cube."

The human name, Time Cube was a mere modern name. It was invented by man and the true name had been lost somewhere in the black star spattered eons of infinite. Leviton spoken with the proper intent beckoned the entire name from the always been universal ether. "Leviton" was enough to illicit the always given name "Cubus Rotatus Leviton Esotallion." That is enough of a history lesson in this matter.

Leviton's lair was all lairs known or to be known. Its place was all places that have, might of or will be. Klaxton knew this and now Joshua did as well.

Leviton decided to allow the passage of Joshua through the time floor. A perfect triangle of empty space was created on the time floor, a blessing to Joshua as he now may enter with ease. He began to climb through, his face still upset and in a state of panic.

"I wasn't sure if it was real." whimpered Joshua.

"A lie." said Klaxton. "In your heart of hearts you always knew this to be true."

Leviton was roughly 50 cubic feet. One of its corners facing down, the other sharp point pointing toward what men refer to as the sky. It had no need to occupy additional space for its quantam connection to all known and unknown matter allowed it to exist in entirety for all time. As a human, we must admit our perception of Leviton was limited as it was beyond comprehension, language, communication, symbols and words.

Leviton began to reveal, bit by bit, some of its aspirations. Columns of light were beaming from the sky to three distinct points on the time floor around leviton and they began to slowly spin around the entity. Leviton, of course, rotating slightly in the opposite direction.

It was revealed. Mankind had always seemed to have a desire to move forward. To build tools. To change their form over centuries to adapt to the environment. Never satisfied, almost by design, human beings needed to create more, make things more efficient and at all costs expand.

Leviton explain this through its slow dance in the light columns.

We were planted on this planet to reach an evolutionary point when we would be able to develop artificial intelligence as well as gain quantam computing ability. This was why we were here in the first place.

Leviton was pleased with our progress. He could control or help us but was indifferent to providing assistance.

What secrerts would this reveal? Klaxton and Joshua were excited.

The columns of light slowly dissipated as they were rotating. Leviton's rotation ceased. The time floor sealed and the deepest, blackest darkness surrounded Joshua and Klaxton.

Leviton was pleased.
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"Let's go," Klaxton whispered.

Leviton followed behind them. The last columns of light reached the sky. In the distance, the city of Raxsla loomed on the horizon.

* * *

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Klaxton muttered, his mind still spinning. The door opened and Leviton was greeted by the sight of a man. His skin was pale and his hair was jet black. The man had short, grey hair and was covered in tattoos. Klaxton knew that the man was from a distant world, probably on the other side of the galaxy.

"Is this a dream?" Leviton asked.

"No," the man said. "This is reality."
fuckin hell yeah!!
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Joshua remained trapped within the cube. Klaxton could only observe as the boy fought with the alien, trying to get his attention, but the android kept its distance. As the battle continued, the cube began to glow bright blue, and began to explode. The boy, who had fought to the death, was sent falling to the ground.

It is unknown how the boy survived, and Klaxton speculated he might have managed to flee.

Aftermath Edit

The alien in the cube died, and the cube's energy dissipated into the surrounding area. The boy was not seriously injured. The cube's energy was absorbed into the Earth as a result of the explosion.
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This event had occured several billion years ago. The boy. The alien. The cube. This tale feels recent but the events had occured several trillion years ago.

How could that be? It is quite simple to the Cube but may seem complex to a carbonaut human.

The big bang has occured trillions of times before. The universe expands. We are currently in an expansion. Eventually, it will contract back into a single point and another big bang will occur. This cycle never ends. The boys near miss from the exploding cube happened eons ago. Each big bang is only different by a slight degree. Perhaps one cell is in a different place, though this has great consequences to the unfolding reality.
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Leviton, I pray to you.
Leviton, I cry for you.
Leviton, wake me from this dream.
Leviton, reality is not what it seems.

Klaxton, please stay at home.
Klaxton, please don't weep and moan.
Klaxton, in another life you will be loved.
Klaxton, stay in fight and do not run.

Joshua, a warm glow is what you see.
Joshua, rub the time cube along with me.
Joshua, the cube is not concerned.
Joshua, when will this be learned?

All men, women and others whom are men or women but claim not be, I beg thee to kneel beside me, deeply, with the truest love and intention. Give yourself fully to Leviton. Give yourself so there is no desire to resist.

Leviton swims among the stars. It has done this a billion times before. It will never stop.
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