Album: Fires Of Destiny (2016)

Song: Today Is A Good Day To Die

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Countess is a Dutch band that has been unleashing metal music upon the world since 1992, releasing fifteen full-length albums along the way.
Countess' unique style of metal is characterized by an uncompromising loyalty to the old Heavy Metal and Black Metal traditions. The most important influences of Countess are the old Black Metal legends like Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer and traditional Heavy Metal bands like Manowar and Manilla Road.
In 2014 the band returned to the stage after a long absence, delivering impressive performances at a selection of prestigious metal festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Finland.
Countess currently consists of Orlok (vocals and bass), Zagan (guitars), Mortüüm (drums) and Häxa (keyboards). On June 30, the band released its fifteenth album 'Fires Of Destiny'.