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After years of waiting, fans can rejoice! Punk rock band Face to Face have announced the release of their long awaited new album, Laugh Now, Laugh Later, which is due out on lead vocalist Trever Keith's Antagonist Records in association with People Like You Records on May 17. This will be the band's first release in over nine years since 2002's How to Ruin Everything. Laugh Now, Laugh Later is chock full of the classic hook-filled choruses and signature riffs the band has been known for over the last two decades.

Currently spinning on Los Angeles' legendary KROQ 106.7 FM, the first single from their new record, "It's Not All About You" is a true punk rock anthem. Listen to the album's first single "It's Not All About You" at

Founding vocalist/guitarist Trever Keith returns along with long-time bassist Scott Shiflett, guitarist Chad Yaro and punk rock veteran drummer Danny Thompson. Face to Face wastes no time as they tear into the opening track "Should Anything Go Wrong," wielding intense riffs, galloping rhythm and commanding vocals that sets the tone of the thirty-six minute long circle pit of an album.

"This is our seventh full length studio album," says Keith. "We have definitely "colored out of the lines" on a record or two, so it's hard to say this one is different. It probably makes more sense to say how it is the same. It incorporates tiny elements from each of our previous records. But it is mostly like our early stuff. At least I think the overall energy of the record is like the early stuff. Because we didn't over think anything. We wrote songs, rehearsed them, and recorded them. It has a very immediate and urgent feel about it. It is a punk rock record."

For the next half-hour Face to Face churn and burn their way through eleven tracks of unadulterated punk rock. Powerful songs like "Bombs Away," "Blood In The Water," "What You Came For" and "Under The Wreckage" will undoubtedly have fans' fists raised, while "The Invisible Hand," "I Don't Mind And You Don't Matter," "Stopgap," "All For Nothing" and "Pushover" will have them singing at the top of their lungs in unison. Two decades in and Face to Face have the same passionate intensity as they did when the band started.

"This is a classic sounding Face to Face record," Keith adds. "It's energetic, fast, and urgent. I think the songwriting and arrangements have evolved without any pretentious or overwrought sentiment. It is an honest, furious, punk rock record."

Beginning in late April, fans can get a preview of the intense new album live when Face to Face kick off their headlining tour of North America with Strung Out and openers Blitzkid and The Darlings trading off in support of Laugh Now, Laugh Later. Check and for more information.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Face to Face formed in 1991 in the small town of Victorville, CA. Face to Face has emerged as one of modern punk rock's most influential bands. Over the last twenty years the band has released a string of crucial punk releases including Don't Turn Away (1992), Big Choice (1994), Face to Face (1996), Ignorance is Bliss (1999), Reactionary (2000), Standards & Practices (2001) and How to Ruin Everything (2002) and have enjoyed massive radio play with hit singles like "Disconnected." This spring, Face to Face return with Laugh Now, Laugh Later; a record that proves once again why they're considered one of the most important punk bands of the last two decades.