Album: Blekinge (2010)

Song: I Väntan På Den Absoluta Nollpunkten

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In the beginning there was nothing but cold. Worlds beyond worlds were covered in beautifully shimmering ice, draped by a thick layer of darkness as pure in perfection as could be. Three Winter Gods had been instructed to govern it all and make sure no intruding force was to ever compromise that which meant everything to them. The Gods often times marvelled upon the frozen harmony of the worlds without any suspicion that something was about to go terribly wrong. A vague light in a far distance suddenly appeared to the Gods, an alarming disturbance, and they rushed throughout the snow covered realms to investigate the origin from where the uninvited guest hailed from. To their grave indignation, they discovered that what they had spotted were rays of light shot out from an unseen evil star rose on the horizon who had set its sights on a far planet called Earth. Earth laid in one of the darkest corners of the world known as The Dead Sector, a constellation of deeply frozen planets and according to the laws of old, forbidden of hosting any forms of life. The disgusting light now began scorching the white planet and made the frozen soil slowly give birth to unholy, light-consuming organisms. More and more of the evil star minions unrightfully claimed their place in the light and began worshipping it. The new breed of earthly scum was a severely weak race of light cravers called Homo sapiens. A very despicable two legged deformation that bathed in the sickening brightness and built temples and monuments to honour what should never have been at all. The bare site of the foul freaks' orgy in the morbid gaze of the star would have been extremely revolting to any remote beholder, let alone the three Gods. Perplexed, yet angered by the trespassing whore of heat, the gods finally snapped out of their daze and realised that something had to be done. They knew they had to use firm action on the now sun possessed humans in order to conquer the star and regain ultimate winter on Earth. The only way to do this was to try to lure mankind into believing that winter and snow was the only true way to absolution without them realising that by choosing frostbite over tanning, the feeble humans would eventually walk into certain deaths. This would ensure that Earth once again would become lifeless and desolate in the most frozen of ways.


The gods now struck up a plan. A plan that, in its simplest form, was for the Gods to find three agents that could represent them where they themselves, by principle, never would set foot, since integrating with dirty humans was beneath them. Three agents whom could roam freely on the now charred surface of earth. Three agents that the Gods would grant their most secret of powers in order to rectify the troubling effects of light and entangle the minds of the gullible humans! Hence a vast interdimensional search was set in motion for these three warriors to be.


The first to be approached by the winter gods was a wretched creature by the name of Ashuck. Part beast part demon, Ashuck hailed from the nether frost regions of the world and served as commander in the perpetuated gauntlet wars against his race's enemies of lesser worth beings. However, in the battle for the Six Storm Mountains, Ashuck was lethally wounded when single handedly taking on a mighty Ore Deity. They fought for days without end until Ashuck victoriously struck down his foe, only to find himself standing in a growing pool of blood seeping from the wounds the deity had left him with. Ashuck dropped to his knees, knowing that this was his final hour when he felt a breeze of sadness sweeping though him. There was no shame in a soldier's death, but he suddenly realized that he wouldn't be alive to see the day his kinsmen would claim triumph of the war and by tradition, adorn the walls of the Shadow Halls with their adversaries' heads. He felt will leaving him and as he was about to draw his last breath he heard the voices of the three Winter Gods within his mind. They offered him life and a return to his ancestor's valley if he would carry out a task for them. Without hesitation, Ashuck accepted the offer and the Gods were pleased.

Continuing farther north from the crystalline nexus, the Gods were determined to find their second militant in the forgotten Caves of Darkling. Its inhabitants were said to be one of the most brute type of beings ever to curse a world and that the taste of blood was the only thing that could settle them. Furthermore, legend had it that a large Frost Fiend of female nature had been captured and caged by the inhabitants to be used in war when an invading army approached. The fiend, with its barbaric lust for killing, served the cave impeccably until it one day unexpectedly gave birth to a son. Right after delivery she took a long proud stare at her creation before she fell over and died. The offspring, who unlike its monstrous mother, was more man like in its physique appeared as no threat to the clan and without any knowledge of its father, it was decided that they themselves would raise the infant to become one of them. Baptized, Fjalar the bastard child grew strong and became a fierce warlord who oftentimes would lead the clan into battle, but it was undeniable that his deeply disturbed lineage had affected his sanity, creating a collective fear of him within the ilk. Thus upon arrival to the caves, the Gods met with a rather upsetting notice, Fjalar had been banished once and for all! Reason being was that he had become agitated with the hierarchy of the caverns in which he was looked upon as a servant rather than a master and this didn't sit well with the warlord. Feeling heavily insulted he decided to punish every living thing within his sight and in a most brutal manner, he uncontrollably began slaughtering everything that could breathe. Finally, he was overpowered and thrown out of the kingdom. By the time the Gods