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Album: 2012 Demo (2012)

Song: Faith Some More

Bitrate: 320kbps

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Vocals: Brian Steele
Guitar/Vocals: Patrick Saccenti
Guitar/Vocals: Josh Gaon
Bass: Ray
Drums: Smallz

Brooklyn natives Model Home formed in the fall of 2010 from a combination of bands, including Line of Scrimmage, Probable Cause, Stray 76, From A Lacerated Sky, and Reclaim The Crown. With such an array of musical genres behind them, Model Home has been classified anywhere from melodic to post-hardcore, drawing influence from Avail, Sick Of It All, and Lifetime to name a few. After releasing their debut EP last summer, Model Home has shared the stage with Samiam, Indecision, Merauder, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Death By Stereo, Iron Chic, Daylight, Basement, and True Things, to name a few.