Album: DisGraceLanD (2011)

Song: Salvia

Bitrate: 96kbps

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Throughout the several incarnations of Nassau Chainsaw DisGraceLanD Demolition Committee (N.C.D.D.C.) the creative process has always been an organic form of experimentation, unapologetically doing what naturally felt right at the time, no matter what anyone else thought of it. After putting out our first album "The Asphalt Chronicles", N.C.D.D.C began to focus on playing to the full potential of our capabilities as musicians and veterans of the metal / underground hardcore lineage. Playing over 50 national shows a year and touring non stop across the East Coast and Midwest significantly hardened our sound into a strict Metal onslaught of aneurysm riffs and blitzkrieg breakdowns.

Despite what shit talkers say (hiding behind the internet) real people who (leave their homes) come to shows know we put on one of the most unforgettable performances anybody will ever see. Now we have all stepped up our game and the music completely matches the intensity of our live performance. Disturbing imagery, deranged reality of blood, fire, sparks, and flesh hook suspensions.

N.C.D.D.C has the respect of our legendary peers, the dedicated support of the suspension and body modification community. N.C.D.D.C. has become a united family with many other suspension crews in over 20 cities. We already have nothing to prove to anybody but ourselves. The new EP entitled "DisGraceLanD" is a dedication to those who have made a difference in our lives along the way.