No Redeeming Social Value

Album: High In Holland (2010)

Song: More Tattoos

Bitrate: 192kbps

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We love chicken and malt liqour. Our turn-ons include skinhead girls w/ ample proporions. Our turn-offs include Guidos and people telling us what to/ what not to do. NRSV started as a joke between friends - and we're all still friends. We are known as a high-energy, roitously entertaining, infamous and legendary NYHC band. We have lots of Cd's available and our well-known hits include: "Skinheads Rule", "Chicken", "OLDE-E", "Pussy,Pussy, Pussy", and "Still Drinking"....among others. Our music has been featured in movies, video games and sporting events. We've toured the world and played w/ all of our musical heros. The best thing about being in NRSV is the great people we meet. HC lives!!