Album: Take My Pound of Flesh and Sleep Well (2010)

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Song: Forced to Fight

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One Against Many started when two old friends from the Texas Hardcore heydays of the 1990's happened to be in line together at a show. They both thought starting up a new band and playing some good, fast hardcore songs sounded like a good idea. Noble Brown (Minority, Brick, New Year) and Darin Johnson (1066, Eleventh Hour) decided that day that each would begin testing the waters for the right people to round out the line-up. It took nearly two years, but a drummer was found in Billy Sierra-Lenhart (Numbskull, brokenheartsclub). The trio wasted no time and started writing songs before they even found a bassist. Eric Gibson (Die Young, Will To Live) joined soon after. One Against Many was now complete and was anxious to record and play some shows. In January/February 2010, One Against Many went in to Sweatbox Studio in East Austin for a couple of days and hammered out songs for what would become their debut 7 inch, Take My Pound of Flesh and Sleep Well. During the recording session, Gibson announced that he would be taking a job in Portland, Oregon so the search began to fill that position. Jaime "JJ" Hinojosa (Killer Ape, Streetwise) quickly answered the call and the line-up was once again complete. One Against Many played their first show that same month and in one short year has already had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Bane, Mammoth Grinder, Bitter End, Trapped Under Ice, Power Trip, Ruiner, Alpha & Omega, Swamp Thing, Nails and many other respected bands. One Against Many plays often around the great state of Texas and will continue to bring their brand of fast hardcore to the masses in the years ahead.