Album: Oi! Used to Be a Friend of Mine (2011)

Song: Oi! Used to Be a Friend of Mine

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Sam Sinister was born a hairy, pasty neurotic with obsessive compulsive disorder and two belly buttons. He had very few friends, until one day he learned how to drive an automobile and started giving rides to other truants whenever he'd skip school. Also, he started smoking pot. He stopped brushing his teeth and showering, and went through a string of failed romances. Then he traded in his marijuana habit for alcohol.

Luckily, that's all behind him (except for the booze). He discovered he could form bands a little late in life, so he made several clones of himself and taught them how to play instruments. Then he wrote a bunch of stupid songs and got writer's block. Every so often, a new song will surface, so keep checking back for the genius that is Sam Sinister and the Plastic Sinister Band.

Sam Sinister, Media Darling - vocals and guitar
Shem "Badger" Falconi - Guitar and more guitar
Sammy Church - Bass
Grandpa Buzz- Drums, percussion, and keyboard
Poly Esther - Kazoo