Requiem Aeternam

Album: Emergent (2013)

Song: Freewill (video version)

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Requiem Aeternam -from Latin; literally meaning "eternal rest"; also "eternal-requiem": the union of two band names- was born in September of 1995 in Montevideo, Uruguay, featuring their first single, "Emergent", in a local metal compilation (Underscream), song tracked by Martin Lopez (Amon Amarth; Opeth) on drums, Martin Mendez (Opeth) on bass and vocals, Pablo Magallanes (Scarpoint) on guitar, and Jose Romero Sum (Inner Sanctum) on guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

In 1997 the band -now a trio integrated by Fabian Redondo on drums, Marcelo Aguilar on bass, and JRS- entered the Studios Record in Montevideo to track their debut LP, which was mixed in Chile by Jose Corral (Criminal; Inner Sanctum) and mastered in Argentina by David Santos (Riff; Hermetica). "Eternally Dying" was released in July of 1998 by ICorp and distributed worldwide by Furias / Orion Music.

The video clip of "Infamy" was aired by MTV Latin America and MTV Brazil as well as many other channels in South America. Afterward, the band completed another video: "Come Back". The "Eternally Tour" (1998-2000) included several shows in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In April of 2002, JRS published a book entitled "Forbidden Writings", which deals primarily with philosophy and economics; yet it has a poetic chapter that includes the original Spanish version of the lyric "Eternally Dying".

After JRS immigrated to the USA in 2002, he was joined by Maciej Kupiszewski on bass and Alex Herndandez (Immolation) on drums. "Philosopher", their second LP, was recorded and mixed between May and June of 2004 at Big Blue Meenie Studios in Jersey City by Joe Pedulla and Arun Venkatesh (Overkill; All Out War) and mastered in July in New York City by Tom Hutten (Iggy Pop; Foo Fighters). This record was released in December of 2004 by Trinity Records Hong Kong in Asia, Europe, and North America; in March of 2005 by Rawforce Records in South America except Argentina; by Furias / Orion Music in Argentina; and distributed by The Art Records in Mexico and Central America.

Philosopher's lyrics are based on part of the bibliographies of Gautama, Seneca, Rousseau, Heraclitus, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu. The title piece has its roots in JRS's "Forbidden Writings". Musically, Requiem Aeternam's style can be defined as "Philosophic Metal", since it combines different philosophic ideologies with diverse music approaches.

During 2005, Requiem Aeternam was enlisted in the main metal festivals throughout the USA, including Milwaukee and Norwest Death Metal Fest among others, and participated in numerous metal compilations in Europe and North America. Philosopher's release party occurred at CBGB's, in New York City, days before this legendary venue was shut down. Besides, the video clip of "Wisdom" was broadcasted by various channels in North and Latin America.

In February of 2009, having returned drummer Fabian Redondo, RA registered their third and most ambitious album to date "Destiny-Man", recorded at Big 3 Records in Saint Petersburg by Jim Beeman (Cheap Trick; Jefferson Airplane) and mixed at Morrisound Studios in Tampa by Tom Morris (Sepultura; Obituary). The compositions were inspired by ten classical composers: Takemitsu, Beethoven, Mozart, Piazzolla, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Chopin, Paganini, and Villa-Lobos. The lyrics will appear in the second book by JRS, also named "Destiny-Man".

Commemorating the band's 15th anniversary (Set.1995-Set.2010), an especial digipack edition of Destiny-Man is available worldwide via Century Media Records/ICorp.