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Fuckheads - 2011 Summer Tour Tape

Travis Fry
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When I think of Boston punk I think of colored mohawks, tight pants. patched out clothes and street punk. So when I came across this cassette I figured I knew exactly what I was going to listen to. Just another Unseen or Casualties rip-off band. Thankfully it was just rehashed street punk thrown in my face.

They play fast thrashy punk with a noisy sound similar to d-beat and Swedish punk. Its got loud, distorted guitars that you would expect from Discharge or Skitsystem. The drums are very prominent and fuel the aural assault. The songs are short and sweet with the longest being about one minute twenty seconds long. It is in your face, no frills punk. This would fit in with most anything Havoc Records has released. If I didn't know any better I may think these guys were from Sweden or another European country.

The vocals are higher than most d-beat bands. It has a very street punk type vocal style most of the time but he does change it up a bit with some deeper parts throughout. He does an amazing job singing on this with great conviction in his voice and just flat out sounds great. The lyrical content is about the state of the world and how angry they are about it. He screams them well rounding out the sound quite well.

This cassette was a great addition to my music collection. It is short and makes you want more. I had to listen to it a couple times just to be satisfied but it is good enough to have multiple listens in a row if need be. I can see these guys doing really well and can't wait to hear a full length from them. I would imagine these guys have a great live show, due to their aggression on the recording. I would recommend checking them out for anybody that enjoys fast punk/ hardcore.






Genre: Punk Rock / Beatdown

Label: self released

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Similar: Dodsdomd, Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem

Track Listing

  1. 1)Lion
  2. 2)Grinder
  3. Choke
  4. Sit Around
  5. Traitor
  6. Empty
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