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Demerit - Bastards of the Nation

Travis Fry
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Asian punk always appeals to me. Whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Demerit is from Beijing, China and play punk rock that is similar to Bad Religion or Pennywise but with gruff vocals and not as poppy.

The album starts with an intro that sounds like the beginning of a video game. Its got the melancholy feel of an RPG intro and about two minutes in they kick in with guitars. The music here feels like a cheesy metal band. Its really deceiving since the rest of the album is punk with almost no undertones of metal. Definitely a cool way to start a record.

"Fight Your Apathy" kicks in right after the intro with a punk bassline sounding like Anti-flag. They play pretty fast and with some solos here and there and aren't slaves to power chords the whole time. They sound like they are heavily influenced by American punk. They have some nice lead parts that put these guys ahead of the typical punk band.

My favorite song on the record would have to be "World Has Become a Battlefield." The intro sounds like a straight rip off of "Breaking the Law" but that really adds to its fun and greatness. The song has great vocals and the whole song is really catchy. Most of the other songs don't stick out as much which is the only downfall of the album. With every song on the record being a worthwhile listen though it is a very small gripe.

The last track is an acoustic song with pretty decent singing vocals over them. It is a pretty cool song to wind you down from the assault you had from the rest of the album. They put some sound clips in the background that sounds like someone tuning a radio that adds a nifty ambiance to it. The end picks up a bit making ti a bit faster. This was an amazing way to end the record.

Demerit has impressed me. They play great punk rock that while being influenced by other bands they manage to take the sound and make it theirs. The production on this record is great and on par with with bigger bands. This album was definitely a total hit for me. The music, vocals and production are all top notch. The song writing is great as well. Great band and great music.






Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Maybe Mars

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Similar: Pennywise, Anti-Flag

Track Listing

  1. 0 Intro
  2. 0 Fight Your Apathy
  3. 0 Bastards Of The Nation
  4. 0 Bye Bye My Country
  5. 0 Live Or Die
  6. 0 Beijing Is Not My Home
  7. 0 World Has Become A Battlefield
  8. 0 T.Z. Generation
  9. 0 Fuck The Schemers
  10. Voice Of The People
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