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More Than Life - Love Let Me Go

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I know this may be a year late, but More Than Life's "Love Let Me Go" is definitely worth mentioning when it comes to how much quality hardcore has come out of 2010. With bands like Touche Amore, Defeater and La Dispute making the United States proud, so have More Than Life in their native United Kingdom.

Using everything from straight forward punk beats to more of the modern "epic" style of hardcore that seems the norm now-a-days, More Than Life pour their hearts and lungs out song after song. Showing more maturity in both song writing and lyrics than bands that have been around for years, these guys know how to hit you where you can feel it. And won't let go until you're full attention is on them. Or until you hear every god damn word they have to say.

Vocally, to say their singer sounds desperate is to say that a hurricane is more like the beating of a butterfly's wing. The shear agony that he seems to be able to reach is mind-blowing. Match this with equally pain-filled lyrics and dissonant guitars and you get the perfect storm of emotional hardcore.

One of my favorite tracks, "I've Lost Track Of Everything," has been stuck on repeat in my head for a few hours now. There's just something about these guys that refuses to be ignored or forgotten. And it's because of this I can see them being a hit in the States and proving themselves to be one of the best up and coming hardcore bands of this generation.






Genre: Hardcore / Turd

Label: Day By Day Records

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Track Listing

  1. Scarlet Skyline
  2. Curtains Closing
  3. The First Night Of Autumn
  4. Take My Life Away
  5. Black Eyed
  6. Silent Grey
  7. I've Lost Track Of Everything
  8. Daisy Hill
  9. Obsession
  10. Love Let Me Go
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