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Sadgiqacea/Grass - Split

Aural Warfare
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Here we have a split between two hard-working and killer Philadelphia bands Sadgiqacea and Grass, out on Anthropic Records. Having a huge boner for production I must say this record sounds great. I like when production fits the music and not a budget. Premium studios and large quantities of money spent on a big name producer does not equal good production. Chris Grigg of BS1 studios has one of his better pieces of work to date with this split. The quality is representative of a great enthusiasm for the music on the parts of all who where involved. The recording for both sides of this split is clear, heavy and captures everything that makes these bands excellent. I’ll also give a nod to James Plotkin for his part in mastering this split. His name is not one I am familiar with but will certainly keep in mind after hearing the quality of his work.

The first track from the Sadgiqacea side of split,"The Great Divide", starts out as slow meandering swell up before picking up and kicking ass in way that's very reminiscent of "Leviathan" era Mastodon. The duo is really showing their ability to craft entertaining songs with this split. With each release we see them mature in a way that accentuates all of the great things about their music. You'll find some classic fucking grooves on this track. At about the half way point they break down into this killer trem guitar part with the drums destroying shit on the toms. Fred's vocals really shine through here, and the band shows their ability to write music that is catchy, engaging and musically stimulating.

The second track "Avianizer" is a favorite of mine. The psychedelic and relaxed intro will deceive you, as they quickly jump into outright devastation. This track stands out because it's very unique. You could certainly draw comparisons to some other bands that Sadgiqacea pulls influence from, but I really feel like the duo nailed the "Sadgiqacea" sound with this song. The chilled out passages in the middle of Avianizer make me feel like some ancient god is trying to brainwash me with riffs whilst floating around the earth on a magic carpet. Avianizer really showcases Evan’s ability to write guitar parts that can paint a picture. The song gets absolutely enthralling when they pick it up and the drums and guitar converge in a way that’s perfect. You might have trouble with ceasing to head bang as these tracks will stay in your head.

Taking only a slight change of course we are going to move onto the Grass side of the split. Grass starts their side of the split off similarly, with a slow build up. “Future Ruins” reminds of something Scott Kelly would pull out of his world class bag of riffs. Intricate guitar parts, with a solid foundation of grooves from rhythm section and the multi vocal assault from Brooks, Steve and Dan make for some great music. The layered and harmonized vocals have always been one of Grasses strong points. Just listen to the end of the Future Ruins and it will make you wonder why more bands don’t utilize their vocal chords to enhance the music.

“Chasing Demons out the Holler” starts off much more intense. This song really shows off the stringed instruments and their ability to use riff wizardry to conjure interesting psychedelia through intelligent amplifier and pedal use. They jump right into it and both guitar players use their rigs to provide two complimentary sets of swirls by layering the music just right. The track ends with an extremely crushing part before a really neat sample that sounds great on head phones as it bounces to and from each speaker.

This split is great, and if you’re into anything heavy or psychedelic you should already be streaming the tracks available on this site. Keep on the lookout for when both of these bands drop a Full Length as these are two groups who are going to flourish and should capitalize on the momentum they’ve started with the excellent song writing on this split. Vinyl geeks will be happy to know they






Genre: Metal / Guitar Pop

Label: Anthropic Records

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Track Listing

  1. The Great Divide
  3. Future Ruins
  4. Chasing Demons Out The Holler
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Aural Warfare
9/21/2011 8:13:00 PM
Originally posted by: oprahwinfrey

you're not familiar with poltkin?

I just looked up who he was, and I'm familiar with some of his other work but it was not a name I had heard prior to this. Some things just go under the radar.
Gimme H
9/22/2011 4:11:00 AM
sweet. been waiting for this. vinyl is in the mail.
9/22/2011 12:31:00 PM
2 of Philly's best bands, and both are filled with some of the nicest dudes ever. Support the fuck out of these guys.
5/14/2018 3:16:00 AM
I don’t think that I need to comment anything about these guys especially. The user reviews that these people have got here is more than enough to say how good they are at this. there are a couple of tracks by these guys which have become my favorite.    
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