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Kardashev - The Almanac

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The Almanac is nothing short of a beautifully crafted journey that takes listeners on an aural adventure. From swelling ambiance to crystal clear melodies washing over thunderous drums, "The Almanac" is Kardashev's newest release, and sees them branching out into a new style that they have affectionately coined, "Deathgaze". Mark Garrett, the vocalist, constructed a language for the sole purpose of this album. The language is called "Alunea" (AL-OOH-NAY-UH) and it can be heard spoken throughout the album.

The Almanac marks the 4th installment of Kardashev's discography and is arguably their most mature sounding record to date. With swelling ambiance laying the foundation, the aural landscape is painted with varying colors of melody and thoughtfully placed harmonies. "The Almanac" sees Kardashev venturing into new grounds, slipping the surly bonds of the deathcore genres they previously belonged to. "The Almanac" is available for purchase via Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Prime Music, and more.






Genre: Metal / EDM

Label: Subliminal Groove Records

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Track Listing

  1. Prologue
  2. Between Sea And Sky
  3. Beside Cliff And Chasms
  4. Behind Leaves And Vines
  5. Beneath Dirt And Stone
  6. Beyond Sun and Moon
  7. Epilogue
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