Screamin Silence

No songs for this band.

Screamin Silence was founded in 2003 when we were jamming around and found out that we just want to play heavy kickass music. We played a whole bunch of shows in Germany with some well known hardcore acts like Die My Demon, Age Of Disgrace, Narziss, Six Reasons To Kill, Shortage and many more. The songs for our latest release have been recorded in early 2004 at the Westwood Studio. The music we play is uncompromising brutal hardcore with a strong oldschool touch since almost the most of us are into violent dancing this has also a big effect on our music. Our musical influences are not only rooted in HC-music but lie in every kind of music we listen to ranging from metal to hip hop and whatever.. For us Hardcore is a positive outlet of anger, frustration and other very bad feelings so our lyrics deal with everything that pisses us off in our lifes. After our new release we want to play lots of shows to promote it and find someone who wants to put out more music from Screamin Silence.