Album: Why are we so fucked up all the time? (2010)

Song: Old Man with a Gun

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Why Are We So F'ed Up All The Time ep available @ Harvcore Records

One of the first East Coast influenced hardcore style bands to come out of the East Bay in the early 90's, Screw 32 went on an endless string of United States and Canadian tours with many popular punk rock bands of their era, and they headlined their last few tours. Influenced by the bands that were coming up in the area (e.g.-n Rancid, Green Day, AFI, and others) they lead by example and also incorporated other bands concepts into their own effort.

1994: This is Berkeley, Not West Bay compilation 7" w/ AFI, Black Fork, and Dead and Gone - (Zafio Records)
1994: Old Idea, New Head b/w Tightrope - (Scooter's Records)
1994: Why Are We So Fucked Up All the Time? 7" - (Harvcore Records)
1995: Split 7" w/ Youth Brigade - (BYO Records)
1995: Unresolved Childhood Issues - (Wingnut Records)
1996: Split 7" w/ Fury 66 - (Half Pint Records)
1997: Under the Influence of Bad People - (Fat Wreck Chords)