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Formed in 1994 in the Czech Republic, Sunshine's music is an amalgam of sounds rooted in the claustrophobic, chaotic no wave of bands such as Joy Division, the Cure, The Birthday Party, the Stooges and even the Velvet Underground. Sunshine creates a tense sound full of soaring melodies and churning guitars with a remarkable dramatic flair and, like contemporary Primal Scream, Sunshine performs with an intensity bordering on painful while retaining a dance-friendly element.

A favorite with artists such as The Faint (with whom they just toured Europe), At The Drive In (with whom they released a split 7"), Sparta (with whom they are touring with Nov. - Dec., 2004) and AFI, Sunshine was chosen by SPIN magazine, in their March, 2004 issue, as "one of the bands to watch in 2005."