They Came Falling

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'They came falling' is a metalcore band that hails from Tampa FL, and consists of Clint, Ryan, Kurtis, Joe, and Nigel. They came falling began early August 2004 when 3 bands all came together to form what is now known as 'They came falling'. Clint, Joe, and Ryan came from a metalcore band named 'Cedar Embrace' which broke up after 7 months of drama and multiple members. left with no band they asked Kurtis who was left without a band when the well known band "A silent farewell' split up and formed 'The rosemary reach' an indie band from brandon FL. Shortly after these four got together they found Nigel, who had been playing in a melodic metalcore band known as 'Wings for weapons' but agreed to try out a new band on the side. Soon after nigel had joined, 'wings for weapons' split up and restarted 'Artist Rendering' without nigel. due to this split nigel was left full time to 'They came falling'. Ever since they have been writing and playing shows in local venues getting bigger and bigger everyday...