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What is this place?

We are a music hosting site and community centered around underground and undiscovered/unsigned artists.

You can do the following here:

  1. Stream, sell, and/or give away your music free in a fully customizable profile
  2. Listen to music, find new artists
  3. Chat with people, find new friends
  4. Read album reviews and band news
  5. Find local concerts

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Label Promotions

We love doing label promotions. If you want to do a song premiere, feature a band, get a label spotlight, run a contest, Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP. If you would like advertising rates and information, check out our advertising information page.

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Site Technologies:

Coldfusion, MS Sql 2008, jQuery.


This site was originally built in late 1997 with a clunky pre-made message board. Over time, I learned to program myself so I created my own ASP boards, which eventually became Coldfusion/SQL Boards, and the monstrosity they are today, with over 7 million posts and close to a quarter of a million users. The site was originally just pahardcore.com but has since taken on the name stereokiller.com to broaden our geographical reach. We cater to Hardcore, Emo, Metal, and Punk rock music, allowing bands to add their own songs for free and allowing the community to communicate freely without censorship. If you want to join our community, ›› sign up and join us!