Album: Spewing Wrath Blood (2010)

Song: Blistering Subconscious Mind

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Was formed on November 2nd 2001 with the first lineup: Andri Growlsick (Vocals), Deady Velo (Guitar), Zontas Ravalous (Bass), Chandra Restu (Drums). at lineup this our already manufactured two demo. August 2002 "Human Malefactor" (5 song/Tape). February 2003 "Lamentation Under Stench Of Mankind" (7 song/CD-R). as well as joining for a few underground compilation.

May 2003 Chandra Restu (Drums) leave the band and afterward Antraks recruit Leohardy to fill empties at Drums, next Zontas Ravalous (Bass) resign from the band so position of Bass were replaced by Supry Cobel but he's not go along way, finally Chandra Restu return with Antraks and take over on course Bass. Thereby lineup of Antraks are: Andri Growlsick (Vocals), Deady Velo (Guitar), Chandra Restu (Bass), Leohardy (Drums).

In the middle 2004 is made split album Antraks " Cronis released by Muntah Records in Cassette format. June 2004 Antraks unleashing demo/CD-R third contains 10 song titled "The Worst Enemy". January 2005 our return recorded three song again at one blow join 3rd demo became 13 song to be first full length album signed with local label Murdered Grind Records entitled "Nastiest Rotten View" out in late 2005 which release in Cassette format. Early 2007 band have time to experience personnel commutation. May 2008 it was release split album Septicemia " Antraks re-mastered version of several first demo and album material through split lable Disembowel Records, Ruptured Records (USA), Sevared Records (USA) on CD format.

September 2009 Antraks recruit Pradhika Aryatama (Guitar), Luky Akbar (Bass) as replacement Hendrix Parulyan and Filal Fathu. then November 2009 we unleashing two demo/4th from different recording lineup. in March 2010 we are back re-recorded the demo and re-mixed for second full length CD album which released on June 2010 entitled "Spewing Wrath Blood" signed with Disembowel Records, Pathologically Explicit Recordings (SPAIN). all those is a part of Antraks and it will still continue represents death metal around.