Album: Bohemian Dark Metal (2012)

Song: Fales A Apatie (Falsehood and Apathy)

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[Translated from Czech]

Genre: Bohemian Dark Black / Death Metal

Formed: 1992

Country: Czech Republic (Area of Volhynia, South Bohemia)

Peter "racket" Mecák - guitar
Kapák John - guitar, vocal
Jaromir "Sinneral" Bench - bassguitar
Jarda "Kremator" Pelan - Timpani
The rate of "Devil" Devil - Drums

The official creation of the band can be considered in January 1992 when it was called Astaroth. But if we want to head to the very roots of the band, we must go further back for some time. At the beginning the members were mainly interested in music and hard racket Mecák duo Peter and Eddie M. Roman were thinking about founding a band under the influence of the then popular ná?ezník? Fata Morgana, Torr, Master's Hammer, Krabator ... In January 1992, they added Rámus?v, then brother Honza Kapák twelve. In February comes the fourth member of the Government Emmentaler and lineup is as follows: Jan - drums, racket - guitar, Eddie - roar and Emmental - bass. The band gets the name of Astaroth. In April, the second guitarist appears Sajp F. Mila, leaving Eddie in July, because the band is not satisfied with his vocal performance. Toast it replaces, but that lasts only a month and a microphone are built both guitarists. There is also a name chamge to AVERGER and in this form is the first live performance on 8.30. Great for rock night. In the wake of leaves and the remaining trio Sajp undergo additional appearances in November Kramolin. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals John - drums, Emmental - basa).

In January, in the rehearsal room (used as a testing room noise and Honza) recorded the first demo minus Pandemonium, although because of the low-quality sound does not spread. In February, a new guitarist Zdenek Z. feeder and the name finally changed to Avenger (from the English. Avenger). In May, four members of AVENGER ?estice with Rosanelou and Lazarethem, 6.26 in N?m?ticích, where even today acquired cult movies! In July, it recorded a demo zero ETERNAL VOICES OF HELL, which in turn spread, despite the realization that time classical xerox packaging. Both prehistoric demos have only a few "rock" fans. During the summer AVENGER played at several festivals, of which he was nejvyda?en?jsím in Lipnice of the town. Repertoire at these events are primarily original songs from the demos, as well as cover versions of Krabator, Debustrol, Master's Hammer, and others. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals John - drums, feeding - guitar, Emmental - basa).

At the beginning of the year is almost ready for new material. Just before leaving his recording Zdenek lack of free time. The HSE study leaves only a trio, so there are 11 to 12 March 1994 committed the first official recording titled Minster OF MADNESS. It is a blend of brutal death / black metal with inhuman roar. Upon arrival of the study is from the group fired bassist Government. Roughly it is replaced in May Vasek L. Due to problems with the assembly in 1994, waning concerts, plays AVENGER only one concert 11.08 in the sand. AVENGER is due fanzin?m gets into the subconscious, the first ever interview published in UG slice Dissection News, followed by further interviews, among others, in the acclaimed (and now iconic) Actual Darkness zine. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals John - drums, Vence L. - bass).

With the new year of finishing the preparation of other recordings with the mysterious name of THE BLACK ZONE. Just before leaving the studio in February 1995 but Vasek leaves. Recording instruments are all left up to Din and Hans. Recording in the studio again HSE and the music is more sophisticated and in addition to the standard death / black metal ala AVENGER can also sense the crucial influence of thrash metal leakage. Track How cruel is waiting to appear on a compilation of Black Horns of Bohemia, which maps the Czech black metal scene and makes it Barbarud the band Maniac Butcher. The rest of 1995 is a period of finding suitable teammates, but unfortunately without much success. While Slayer comes Jarda V, but can not because the bass practically nothing and it's busy and time, AVENGER slightly stagnant. Square of no show and not a few interviews and reviews in the fanzine (review it even in Russia), it would seem that there AVENGER. In the meantime, Jack begins to prepare his project Black Rain. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals John - drums, Slayer - basa).

BLACK RAIN begins to take final form in April in a professional recording studio Benas 19 to April 21, 1996, where again only leaves John and racket. Compared with AVENGER vocal takes Jack, thereby changing the nature of the direction of black music, as the name suggests it. Lyrically, this piece consists of monothematic story of extinction of life on our planet. With the release of this profikazety zakádá Racket Racket Records label has already released titles called back RR001, RR002 and new number gets 003rd Issue of BLACK RAIN - NO FIRE drags due to the very companies producing cassettes and distribution coming up in August 1996. The final cover (the title is the work of famous artist Jarda Deathera Bezru?) is signed by the printer and also can not say that somehow extra success. Review the news again, but total take. With the increasing promotion interviews appear in zines in the U.S., Malaysia and of course at home. It is then prepared an entirely new material for another recording Avenger. It is loaded (again in two - Din - Guitar John-Drums, bass and vocals) in the study of 26th-Benas December 30, 1996 and titled Shadows of the Damned. This time the vocal takes (like BR) was definitely Jack, who gives the music a completely different character to orthodox bias dark / black / death metal. Even during 1996, continues to search for the third to the league mainly due to playing live, unfortunately without success. Concert and pause lasts more than two years. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, bass, vocals).

In early builds Shadows of the Damned on the original tape with a perfect color cover (front cover again Deathera from the church, photo and text page from Philip H.). The title also appears new, very slick logo. For absolute impossibility to get the noise of other teammates and John decided to play live so far only themselves without a drummer, who is replaced at several concerts compact disc. The premiere two-member group will be held on Underground party in Strakonice and performance is quite slick, so AVENGER continues with concerts inanimate bicmenem almost the end of the year. It is based on quite a lot of interviews abroad and interested in all kinds of UG maniacs around the world is growing exponentially. One of them is a kind of Akhenaten, which lets you send a promo Black Rain, and then offers a contract to release the demo on CD. Given that BR is not the current material, there is agreement and prioritization of the CD ... Shadows, BR has negotiated to come later. The preparation of the first CD booklet is given due attention and as a front cover image is selected from Albrecht Altdorfer Alexander in 1526 battle with Dario. The interior is to take care of the publisher. In December, in fact come designs packaging that seems to be very good. During the year are literally flooded AVENGER fanzines, interviews appear in the Abomination (Sk), Knife, Minas Trith, In Deed Hell, Marten Payo, Pentagram. In October 1997 he finally managed to find a third maniac AVENGER. Is it Crescention (ex Isacaarum), which crushes bass concert debut on December 19, 1997 festiválku dismisses Henry in Hradec and befall the end of two more concerts. Also based on the sequel Czech black metal compilation Black Horns, where this time pushing two songs from BLACK RAIN, a compilation from Costa Rica after one song from Shadows of the Damned and BLACK RAIN. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals, Crescention - basa).

So, despite quite a few successful concerts in two AVENGER continues from 1998, again as t?í?lené combo. Concerts continue in rapid succession (January 2, March 4). In April, the dream becomes a reality and the Shadows of the Damned released on CD under the American company Breath Of Night RCS. Over half of the load 1000 copies sold out. The same recording on tape Romanian company also publishes Bestial RCS. with packaging similar to that of CDs. 13th AVENGER leaves in June for their first concert abroad in Munich, Germany, along with homemade Sorath and two packs. The concert ends with the triumph of Avenger and the result is even sold a few CDs and also meeting with Akhenatem. In July, the first organized racket Open Hell Fest in Volhynia, who comes off better than expected. Speakers included two foreign bands (Zone A and In-Quest) and was a punk-metal action. In early September 1998, dismisses his first gig as second guitarist Vlasta P. from Czech Budejovice. But even this group does not last long. Even in the fall is thrown Crescention since completely changed his musical orientation and his funky playing technique has become incompatible with sound Avenger. The three concerts for him by surprise Michal M. (Grace). On 13 - 15.11 traditional recording duo in the studio recording a new Benas, which receives a name mixing Fall of Devotion, WRATH AND Blasphemy. John is the author of music, text racket. The finished piece is sent to the U.S. Akhenaten, which promises to release around mid-1999. 20th December AVENGER leaving Genk in Belgium for a concert, where among other things, act as God Dethroned! (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals, Vlasta - guitar).

In January and ends in February Michal complicates the situation Vlasta broken hand. Again variant comes with drums on the CD (newly recorded) and 2.26 in Chvalesovicích and 3.15 in Zilina plays again only duo Jack - DIN. In March last, a new bassist. Is it David Z. (ex Gride, Closing, Martyrium Christi, ...) again and the band performs at least three. The events include nejvyda?en?jsím concert in Munich, where again there was a meeting with Akhenaten. 25.5 AVENGER finally playing again at four in Horaz?ovice and more gigs followed in a dense sequence. 16th - 7.17 organized by the noise of the second annual Open Hell Fest in Volyn, this time involving pure metal bands like Root, Debustrol, SSOGE or Negura Bunget Romanian werewolves. A comprehensive report published in Rockreportu, responses are only positive. Avenger performed well, of course, success on the domestic stage was evident. Speeches in OHF but it was back to last longer, because the band leaving Nancy. However, this did not stop recording two covers from Master's Hammer and My Dying Bride as bonuses for re-release the album SHADOWS .. . This demon was created during the August-October 1999 in his own studio HELLSOUND. In September, based on Breath Of Night RCS. second CD, on which the recording and as a bonus BLACK RAIN, but due to a defect in the production of this edition discs can not be extended and the cost is claimed by the manufacturer. In December 1999, a new guitarist Przemek Grace S. from broken from Strakonice. The day before Christmas, organized racket in Volyn Satan Klaus Fest, which is visited by a solid, but still AVENGER in three acts. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals Przemek - guitar, David - bass).

At the beginning of Przemek is able to play the concert program and played in concerts AVENGER 3.3 in B & W, 3.25 in Tabor, 1.4. in BW. In April, are recorded two songs (Earl Conrad, Come closer and hear) on the upcoming tribute album Legends Fata Morgana, of course Hellsoundu. John with the racquet also begin touring with blackmetalovými Maniac Butcher, John recorded a CD of this rabble, which in turn spun in Hellsoundu. During May and June, the full concert frenzy starts, when he graduated from AVENGER 9 (!) Concerts. An interesting gig was participation in the Summer Under the Black Sun Fest in Germany, where he played only AVENGER, but Maniac Butcher and Johnny drummed with a band of Akhenaten - Judas Iscariot. Holiday Festival Marathon completed in order AVENGER Silesia, Nuclear Storm, Open Hell, Brutal Assault Fest and Wild Boar. Open Hell Fest again quite successful, again improved set of bands (Root, Torr, Impendig Doom (D), Lungorthin (D), SSOGE), but due to rainy weather came p?ecejen fewer people. Avenger but showed one of her best performances in history. In September, the album Hell knows the elect - A Tribute to the Fata Morgana, with almost no media attention. Even in the fall AVENGER plays and plays and plays (12 concerts in four months, including three in Germany and one in Poland!), Even in November with Jan racket enhance the formation of the third - Dark Storm. During the autumn is also re-recorded material Hellsoundu Fall of Devotion - WRATH AND Blasphemy. In December, the Avenger still played on the racquet held Satan Klaus Fest in Volhynia, where the video was taken in good quality. The AVENGER is based on articles in exotic countries such as Mexico or Cuba. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals, Przemek - guitar, David - bass).

The first concert in the new millennium has passed AVENGER in the group settled in Rock Cafe Prague - presentation of a very good performance was appreciated in Big Beng and Sparks. In March 2001, finally came to a CD and LP SHADOWS ... Merciless at RCS. from Germany, fortified on both annoncované bonuses. In June, followed by CD Fall Of Devotion - WRATH AND Blasphemy at the U.S. label Deathgasm RCS. During the first half AVENGER managed a further 12 shares and then back home have followed the Open Hell, which had a smooth course and a very good level (the band says it all - Debustrol, Root, Desaster / D /, Trimonium / D /, Darkside / A / , ORK / Bulge /). The continued neutuchaly concert activities, events, followed by a dense sequence in the rest of the year. It is worth mentioning include playing God Dethroned in Prague and other trips to Germany, where AVENGER through quality performance built quite a strong position. One of the fruits was a large four-page interview in the cult German Ablaze written incl. participation in the magazine compilation. Around mid-also launched the official website www.avenger.web.wo.cz bands that bring basic info about the band and is updated regularly. In November, cast Merciless RCS. Launch Fall of Devotion .. on the black cover, and shortly after leaving the Przemek experienced a small puddle. The assistance comes Peter Mortifilia member, but this solution does not have a permanent character. Finding a new member is very difficult. In addition, Hare secret intentions or David, which pulls the heart to grind band Bizarre Embalming. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals, David - bass).

The year 2002 is the tenth, which operates on the metal scene AVENGER. Despite the problematic assembly and the thickening atmosphere in the meantime, band concerts, interesting performance is 2.21 club in Hell's Bell's alongside Unpure / Swe /, Watain / Swe / and other Czech bands. An interesting look at Zlin Grave include playing a concert, but after playing AVENGER set, the stars were absent until midnight or so to meet with former idols there (although the concert was finally held by one o'clock in the morning). But appearances on Redblack festival in Brno, alongside Root, etc. SSOGE AVENGER graduate in only three without David, who does not have time. Looking for new members but coming to an end, a new bassist and second guitarist Adam Frank, who diligently rehearse a concert program. Even in the old group continues concerts in Austria and BW. Following the Super Smash Fest had, but because finally dubious organization AVENGER not gone to Poland (as well as Kreator, Diabolical ...) because there was a outstanding travel; fest While held, but in utter chaos. 7.6 Sand in the first act AVENGER new line-up, short speech consists of only 4 songs and two encores. Despite some nervousness of new members (Frank stood on the podium for the first time) everything turns out better than expected and promising new lineup seems to be a very strong promise for the future. Open Hell Fest Vol 5 26th - 7.27 held great interest for fans and is the last concert Avenger with Peter and David. Already in the new lineup AVENGER attends all scheduled August concerts. Shortly after that, but leave for family reasons and Frank Avenger is again a trio, sometimes in concert, accompanied by Peter (from Mortifilia). On tour "Marching Towards CHRISTIAN Extermination" about seven gigs in Europe alongside Black Witchery and Manticore Armagedda from the U.S. and Sweden, however, only a trio of hits. In December, the place of Satan Klaus Fest, unfortunately without headliners Root, who arrived due to the vagaries of weather. Although the event was a success and the visit was very good. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals, Adam - bass).

Practically the whole of January and February is recording a new CD GODLESS modernized in their own studio Hellsound. There is an agreement with an American label Deathgasm RCS. That CD issued in 2003. Evan March (DEATHGASM owner) again offered good conditions, also agreed with the payment of considerable royalties for Juanjo Castellano, a professional artist from Spain, one of the loyal fans AVENGER. Juanjo is etched into the subconscious work for UG cult bands like Incantantion, Evil Incarnate, and many others and also take care to design new packaging unholy collection Avenger. In a survey portal MetalWorld cast metal AVENGER very good 8th among domestic bands and Open Hell Fest is mentioned in the category of concerts at the first place! The internet appears a few responses from concerts, and all praise to the stage show ... Hell .. In May the band played two concerts alongside Satanic Slaughter in Western Europe, but the continuation of the tour does not have a car and forcing obedience testifies to return home. Akhenaten (ex Breath of Night RCS) in cooperation with the Merciless RCS. issued under the new brand Terror recording project Black Rain - No Fire. CD has a black and white packaging. Open Hell Fest again ends with great success (for both the organizers and the band), quite a lot of positive feedback. Last AVENGER performs with Peter. The next concert in the series AVENGER returns Przemek returning from England and immediately undergo a trip to Serbia, where the perfect atmosphere before the great audience AVENGER triumphs. After a traditional stop - Brutal Assault - are to go on to another interesting trip - minitour in eastern Europe (starting in Prague and continues through Vienna to Serbia and Hungary). Serbian monster big trouble ending event - a few outstanding people and travel, but on the other hand, an interesting experience. In the fall, for the first Avenger existence of moving into a new test in ?estice where both new and settled HELLSOUND studio. In October comes the third album GODLESS! Brought out 333 pieces limited edition 2CD with extra as a bonus CD - a live recording of the Open Hell Fest 2003rd By the end of the year, there are two very laudatory reviews and 2CD are sold out. Likewise, they are sold with a CD and LP Shadows ... LP and Fall ... . The year is ended, as usual, Satan Klaus Fest in Volhynia, this time decorated with desecration of a new album. The role znesv?cova?? received Beherit, David (ex - bassist Avenger) and Dan Folprecht (Report mag.). The event was again well and made a dot for vyd?eným year. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - drums, vocals, Adam - bass, Przemek - guitar).

In January, Jack disappears abroad busy with Dark Storm concerts in Belgium and recording project Ancestral Fog in Paris. After returning to his homeland continues AVENGER madness in concert a couple of events in Germany and in her home country .. In March cord is modest with French Sign Bloody providing at stops in Prague, Pilsen and Strakonice. Very interesting look at the joint participation of tour legends Torr and Root in dubnu.Z tour but eventually turned out to be the Avenger only two events - the Chrást Futurum Pilsen and Prague. After a few more concerts there is a diminution of interest P?emek about events in the band and this culminated in his state of voluntary departure in early June. Avenger and was again faced with the difficult situation and were again on Peter's profession of Mortifilia, who played 3 summer festivals including the traditionally strong Open Hell Festival. The OHF is now signed two drummers, who would like to strengthen the Avenger series. One of them, Vaclav Vlcek, proved to be so adept drummer, he was accepted and there is a fairly radical change - John for nearly 13 years of playing in a band leaves the drum kit and understands the guitar. The first concert in this report took place on Metal Breath tour alongside Sorath and The Rays Of The Sun in September. Followed by a concert in Prague in October Futurum Torr by side, and Morrior Depression. In October, is also based on a separate CD Live at Open Hell which is limited to 666 pieces. In November, was originally very promising-sounding tour with Swedish bands Satanic Slaughter and Misericordia. The tour, however due to poor organization and turned out a fiasco Avenger only played in Berlin and Prague - from the originally planned seven shares across Europe. The rest of the year, Jack fully engaged in work and HELLSOUNDU Avenger has to break the traditional Satan Klaus Fest. Even this year there was no disappointment and events a success. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - guitar, vocals, Adam - basa, Vence - drums).

At the beginning of the year John was fully bound in Hellsoundu, so the first concert took place in March Avenger in As. For March was originally planned to shoot the new album, but due to lack of time recording was postponed. Ingloriously ended up with a planned concert Enslaved - for "technical reasons" Avenger ascended. But the murderous mace Zizkov's really worth it, as well as in Strakonice with Deformed (Pl), Adultery and Abstract (Sk). In June came the first serious crisis, leaves the band bicmen Vence, then returned to play the scheduled summer fest. Avenger played concerts in Trhové Sviny (AFOD) Vimperk (moto meeting) and Basinfire fest in Spálené Porici. At Open Hell's announced last concert. Due to a problem with crime in the vicinity of the OHF but there was a slip in the OHF and then ascended AVENGER. After the Open Hell Venca end, but John, who left the band for personal reasons. AVENGER stops all activities (concerts, recording the album) and tries to find a replacement. In December he left for abroad and Adam AVENGER not active. Only extremely organized racket again really successful Satan Klaus Fest 25th December in Volhynia. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, Vence - drums).

The band sleeps and communication between the main brains Din and John is at low ebb ... Despite nods racket in January to offer label Ravenheart to Avenger recorded one song tribute to the upcoming Golden Master's Hammer. In February, the foreman heard Frank Adultery and Avenger offers performances in Ostrava, not knowing that the band more or less does not exist. But this offer is for Hans becomes an impulse, and suddenly announces return. And start to try again, while in three, because Adam is still abroad. The Avenger is then added as a guest bass player Jarda Pelan (In Articulo Mortis, Amok, Moriorr). In April, the band's website in a new dress, dark jacket and properly begins with the concert - the end of May for the 6 concerts, of which German Total Metal Fest is one of the most interesting. In the spring Hellsoundu live concert recorded current set and the sound goes through vyda?enému PROMO 2006 and between people. In addition to older hunk contains two brand new cover from stones and My Dying Bride. In June, he could just Avenger Eternal Hate Fest concert and then fade because of the busy activity of Vence, who is leaving to work outside of South Bohemia. In September, we recorded song that lit the world on MH tribute as well as other new thing ritual of anger, also on this album - every band has to have one and its a redesigned track. Then Adam returns from abroad, but when the autumn has started touring again, there is another plague - wreaths on your bike and break a bone after a live performance. In November, the Avenger finally moves on the internet under your domain, www.avenger-cz.net while excerpts appear on the site of several songs in mp3. Then, everything points to the December Satan Klaus Fest, where the band is celebrating fifteen years since the establishment of a special concert set. Promised screenings of old footage from the band's beginnings may have failed to implement technically, but lengthy concert was very interesting, with lots of rare songs and rework that men played in their infancy. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, John - guitar, vocals, Adam - basa, Vence - drums, Jarda - timpani).

At the beginning of the new T-shirts in the world with the annual theme. In March, the magazine published a detailed history of Talon Avenger including reviews of all recordings. In April, based on label Ravenheart The Golden Tribute To Master's Hammer Avenger with two songs. The first concert in April 2007, the traditional Fire In Heaven Fest in Volhynia, in the spring followed by three more performances, unfortunately, has no bass player Adam, who is due to job changes busy time. In July, Adam Avenger series definitvn? leaves and the remaining trio seeks compensation while preparing a new album - so go to the concert activities of ice. When playing in November in the Czech Budejovice Avenger with DEBUSTROL in December and then in Prague, of course, to "his" Satan Klaus Fest, which registers record visit. Recording new album Feast Of Anger, Joy of Despair broke out in September and until the end of the year working on the basic version of the recordings, which should serve as a promo for a publishing company. They are prepared using the new machine embroidery shirts and concerts planned for 2008. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals, John - guitar, vocals, Vence - drums, Jarda - timpani).

At the beginning of a new band added bassist Sinneral (otherwise Panychida), Jarda timpanist become a full member of the band and finishing work on the new album. In the spring also begins in the new line-up touring extensively, dismisses Sinneral premiere in Strakonice, followed by summer festivals in the order Into Cold Darkness Eternal Hate Fest, AFOD, Basinfirefest, slightly exotic Serbian Exit monster fest, Dunkelheit Blue Onion Fest Fest. In the autumn it is worth mentioning great Pilsner Fest Phantoms of Pilsen, where he performed the Norwegian band Helheim, Vulture Industries and atrox and represented the Czech metal AVENGER, Panychida, Beltaine, Trollech and others, and then everything was about the traditional December of Satan Klaus Fest. The new album, although recorded, and named, by the end of the issue failed. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals, John - guitar, vocals, Vence - drums, Sinneral - bass, Jarda - timpani).

Of the planned album was shot video for the song The joy of despair, the plate is too domíchává and nekoncertuje. Avenger plays first concert in April at a local event in Horaz?ovice. Then the publishers disclosure Feast ... - for the European market is a Serbian Grom Records, for the American continent tried Deathgasm Records. In June, the magazine published an interview in July and claw at Deathgasm CD, a month later, also in Grom. In preparation for the vinyl version of the first two demos with a lot of controversial container from the Polish painter Jowity Kaminski. In September, the Avenger again appear in the metal Madhouse in October takes place in Volyn desecration ... Feast album, after which the band is leaving drummer prevention. Brought out the demos LP Minster of Madness - The Black Zone and begin to appear on the review ... Feast, and wonder of wonders, full of praise ... in both print magazines - Talon, Spark - the album ends on a perfect ninth location of roughly 50 recordings for the webzines rating ranges from 70 to 100%, then an extensive interview published in Hardrockeru. The year closes Satan Klaus Fest, starring the Avengers for a long time without a live drummer, the drums naklepanými Honza and released by the PC. (Report at the end of the year: DIN - guitar, vocals, John - guitar, vocals, drums, Sinneral - bass, Jarda - timpani).

In January, an agreement with Doomentia Records label for a Feast ... LP format, demos ... Minster and The Black Zone should come out on CD by Underground RCS. - But still not clear whether it ever vyjde.Byly started pre-production work on the next album "Of His Blood", which should see the light in summer 2011. In April, being Easter Massacre Tour May Result (Serbia, Panychida and Asgard, due to many problems, but canceled a few gigs and end of the tour overall financial loss. In early years he played the Avenger Basinfirefest Venom after themselves on the main stage on July Din prepared a day Metalfest Volhynia, which was to take place in the summer at the swimming pool area, but due to inclement weather has been moved to the new hall - but fell on an excellent event. Avenger is presented with a new strength on drums, cert (Grid, radar). tribute was published in August.


Celebrating 20 years of existence, the CzechRepublic's AVENGER have just released Bohemian Dark Metal on Deathgasm Records. The album is their most accomplished to date. Often misconstrued, in this case "dark metal" refers to the brutality of Death, the fury and ancient evil spirit of Black and the gloom and despair of Doom Metal. Bohemian Dark Metal features guest appearances by Blackie (ex-Root, Cales), Franta Storm (MastersHammer), and many more. Presented in a high quality digipak, Bohemian Dark Metal is anything but run of the mill. You need to hear this.