Kill Your Idols

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Through the erratic trends, pseudo-poetic pretence, and fickle fashion that are unfortunate components of modern hardcore, Kill Your Idols remain steadfast. For every lackluster ôhardcoreö band that succumbs to the slick trappings of metal, rock, or pop, it is nice to know that the unadulterated nihilism of Poison Idea and Negative Approach is alive and well, channeled through the unrelenting assault that Kill Your Idols have hammered home for close to a decade now.

Intricate yet punishing, the band utilizes a time-honored approach and. in doing so, achieves a characteristic sound and lyrical stance that truly sets them apart from the pack. The memorable riff slinging of guitarists Gary Bennet and Brian Meehan and scorching howls of vocalist Andy West engender an unmistakable sound that is instantly recognizable and powerful. This musical articulation of undiluted rage has proven a potent medium for conveying emotional anguish and interpersonal strife in a manner seldom matched.

In light of the fleeting life span of many hardcore bands, the longevity of this outfit is remarkable. So too is their prolific catalog. From a number of now classic EPs and splits to two full-length records, the legacy enacted thus far is certainly among the most consistent in modern hardcore and punk.

It has been three years since Kill Your Idols have released a full length album. On January 15th, 2005, Side One Dummy Records will be releasing their newest record, entitled ôFrom Companionship to Competition.ö Delving full force into the raging, melodic fray that has become their staple, Kill Your Idols tackle the many facets of depression, angst, and unrest with particular skill and power on this endeavor

ôPut simply, Kill Your Idols play hardcore punk. As one of the few bands that cannot be characterized by cookie cutter definitions and corresponding wardrobes, they are one of the last true New York Hardcore bands, and ôFrom Companionship to Competitionö will surely prove their finest effort yetö
-Michael Ramek, Jersey Beat, Under The Volcano, Suburban Voice