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Incorporating melody, brutality, and beauty to respire a stagnant music industry are Scapegoat: the five-piece hard rock band hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. The fluidity in which they play as a band flows seamlessly and shines with sincerity. Scapegoat has been described as one of the finest units around, as well as the most versatile, dynamically gliding from catchy choruses to head snapping chaos. Along with the band comes their frenetic, nonstop, live energy and unharnessed emotion, leaving attendees satisfied.

Established in 1999, Scapegoat has proven adamant with their driven work ethic to create inventive and passionate compositions. The band, comprised of Justin Driscoll (guitar), Daniel Hitselberger (drums), Dan Royer (bass), Kit Walters (voice), & Spencer Bensch (guitar), are relentless in their pursuits to satisfy onlookers and capture new audiences with their energy. After a successful debut CD Two On One, and with the release of their sophomore effort Element of Design, Scapegoat was quickly becoming common conversation. Countless live shows and canvassing aided their rapid and consistent movement of product.

Recently the band released their highly anticipated creation These Cards We're Dealt. This musical weapon is packed full of aggressive vocals (shearing screams and sing-along choruses), crafty guitar crunch, low-end bass power, and chest pounding drum-work. The record has received rave crowd response, along side mass media approval and prestige. One site claims "Scapegoat has made without a doubt, the best rock record released this year." Love them or hate them: This is your band, This is your Scapegoat.

phone: 704-777-8250