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Album: The Sand and the Salt EP (2007)

Song: The Girls of Sundowner

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Admit it. The current crop of hardcore and metal bands is, for the most part, uninspired and boring. Tune down to drop Z. Play the same tired, clichÚ, chug-chug breakdowns. Sing during the choruses. Use the same boring song structures weÆve all heard so many times before. ThereÆs nothing wrong with looking to other artists for inspiration, but when every new band sounds like a carbon copy of the last, itÆs time for something different. In a scene more concerned with fashion and fitting in, the members of Winslow focus on what matters most to them û music. Drawing influences from all over the musical map û metal, hardcore, jazz, 12-tone, rock, and classical û Winslow has been perfecting their style of chaotic, technical metal/hardcore. With complex drumming featuring constant time and rhythm changes, blazing guitars that go from shred to crunch in seconds, innovative, interesting bass lines, and a vocal style that deviates from the norm, there is always something interesting to listen to.
Winslow began as weekly dorm room jamming between Royce Jeffres (guitar), Jon Gunnell (guitar), and Drew Connelly (bass), who became friends as music majors at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. As songs began to come together, they would practice together along with MIDI drums, programmed by Jon. Eventually, friends Kellan Revetta (vocals) and Maunee George (drums) of Wings of Azrael would join the trio to fill out the lineup and start a real band. Only three weeks after their first practice as a full band in October of 2004, Winslow was opening up for the likes of Daughters! and Circle of Dead Children. Since that point, the band has continued to perfect their sound and enlarge their growing fan base, playing shows all around PA and the surrounding states. After releasing their debut EP, ôThe Sand and the Saltö in June of 2005, the future is nothing but bright for Winslow. With a tendency towards energetic and intense live performances, Winslow has become one of the must see bands in Western PA and beyond.