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Band Location: Athens, Greece

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False Prophet: Guitars and Brutal Vocals
Airlia: Classical/Opera/Modern Vocals
Unblessed: Bass

- "Ceremony of Demonic Brutality"(self-financed demo tape, 1991)
- "His Fictitious Grandeur" (Obscure Plasma Records, Miscarriage Records, 1993)
- "The Semen of Satan" (self-financed demo tape, 1995)
- "Nordorian Manifestations (assortment of the three demo tapes into one CD, Sleazy Rider Records, 2003)
- "Mandattu" (mini-cd, Divirta Ltd, 2007)
- "Honoris Causa-TIMHS ENEKEN" (Under The Sign of Garazel Productions, Flagellum Haereticorum Rex Productions, 2008 )
- "Erga Omnes" (Deathrune Records, 2012)

NORDOR were founded in 1989. In their early years (1989-1995), they released 3 demo tapes, songs from which were included in several underground metal compilation tapes. The band went into a creative halt shortly after, still distributing their material to their fans.
The band signed with Sleazy Rider Records in 2003, and all three demos were brought together and released in the form of a CD, titled "Nordorian Manifestations". After that, "False Prophet" decided to take the band further, making it a full-time priority.
In late 2004, he had new songs composed, and recorded them at Devilworx (later renamed "Devazoundz") Studios, with "Kane" (a.k.a. Fotis Benardo of Septicflesh) behind both the drumkit and the console. The recordings were finished by early 2005.
Until 2007, "False Prophet" looked into completing the band's lineup with talented and dedicated people, and so "Lordwinter" joined on the vocals, and "The Antipope" joined on the bass. The lineup for the first NORDOR shows was complete with "Kane" behind the drums as a session drummer.
During that year, Nordor signed with "Divirta Ltd" for the release of "Mandattu" mini-cd, containing 4 songs.
Later on, the need for a full-time drummer arose, and "Professor Snake" took up the drums in 2008. The band signed with "Under The Sign of Garazel Productions" and "Flagellum Haereticorum Rex Productions" for the release of the first NORDOR full-length album, "HONORIS CAUSA-TIMHS ENEKEN".
In 2009, NORDOR played many shows all over Greece, and toured Europe with Lividity (US), performing in 8 countries (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy).
Later in that year, the band entered Devasoundz Studios to record their second full-length album, "Erga Omnes". Behind the console were Fotis Benardo (Septicflesh), Chris Antoniou (Septicflesh, Chaostar), and George Emmanuel (Valet Parn - Rotting Christ). The album was then mixed in Fredman Studios (Gothenburg, Sweden) by Fredrik Nordstrom & Henrik Udd, and mastered in Tailormade Studios (Stockholm, Sweden) by Peter In De Betou. Guest appearances in the album are made by Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), Christos Antoniou (Septicflesh, Chaostar) and Androniki Skoula (Chaostar) , and Seth Siro Anton undertook the album's artwork.
After a long time searching for a new record deal, NORDOR finally signed with Deathrune Records in 2012. Shortly after, due to shift of priorities of "Professor Snake", the band was forced to replace him, and "Lithras" sits behind NORDOR's drumkit since then.
Always working towards constant self-improvement, the band decided to make its sound richer, fuller and heavier. They initially thought of getting a second guitar player, but then an idea came to "False Prophet": A second bass instead, would further enhance the sound of Nordor, making them a Progressive Death metal band with 2 basses for the recording sessions but also for the live performances.
February of 2014 brought an end for the old lineup as a whole. The new heavy plan and some personal issues between the members have made everyone step back by leaving their sits empty. "False Prophet" was the one who took the heavy burden to find new members for the continuation of the Nordorian monster.
"Unblessed", one of the 3 co-founders of NORDOR back in 1989 is from now on the new Lead/Rhythm bass player and "Airlia" is our new Classical/Opera singer that She will give to NORDOR their new musical original identity.

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