CT (7.21)

Album: IT GOT DARK (2019)

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Song: Tough Guy

Bitrate: 160kbps

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I have learned allot over the past couple of weeks doing these 1 song recordings. I recently made an investment into my equipment and finally capturing the sound I hear in my head, taking the tones of the 2 recent songs but way way better.

I am now going to start writing and recording a full album and I am very excited, think Entombed, Sheer Terror meets Integrity. I hope you enjoy the songs I have up for now and I will keep you guys updated as this progresses.

I started doing these recordings, Afraid To Die the first song to get out what I was feeling and going through, as most of you know my health conditions at the time, but now I really want something to leave my mark and be taken serious as a musician. I can only say it will be dark, brutal, and sarcastic. I am putting my full energy into it where the previous songs only got 2-3 hours total in writing and recording.

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