Album: Dominion (2011)

Song: Bang

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Surging forward as they are driven by the powerful momentum of founding members -front woman Veronica Freeman and the guitar pyrotechnics of writer and guitarist Pete Wells, the time has come for the world to be on notice. Benedictum is again upon us. Infused with the new influences and talents of Chris Shrum on Bass, Tony Diaz on keyboards and Mikey Pannone on Drums Benedictum intend to bring it! Formed in 2005 and quickly noticed by Dio guitarist Craig Goldy, the wheels were soon set in motion for their debut album Uncreation. The collaboration of producer Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio, Foreigner) and the musical works of vocalist Veronica Freeman and Pete Wells along with the talent of drummer Blackie Sanchez, bassist Jesse Wright and keyboardist Chris Morgan, Uncreation was released to great reviews. Benedictum was selected as one of the top bands to watch in 2006 by Classic Rock magazine and one of Rock Hard Germany's top 50 albums for that year. Guest appearances included Jeff Pilson, Craig Goldy and Jimmy Bain.

The result of the second collaboration between Jeff Pilson and Benedictum was their 2008 release Seasons of Tragedy which evolved them into a Metal force which could not be denied. With Veronicas' raw and powerful vocals, songs with memorable melodies and the magical talent of Pete Wells along with new drummer Paul Courtois and the guidance of Jeff Pilson, Seasons of Tragedy further solidified the fact that there was something quite special at work here. Seasons of Tragedy garnered more great reviews and were on many a list for top albums of 2008. Guest appearances again by Jeff Pilson, Craig Goldy and also George Lynch who added his special flare to the track Bare Bones and the cover of Accept's "Balls to the Wall". Their driving music and energetic shows allowed Benedictum to grace the stage of many festivals including: Wacken, Gods of Metal, HRH and a tour with DORO.

Capitalizing on the success of Uncreation and Seasons of Tragedy, Benedictum now offer the world their masterpiece, Dominion. Recently released by Frontiers Records, Dominion is everything you've come to expect from a whole lot more. If you don't know Benedictum, then you don't know heavy metal. It's as simple as that.
Crank it up and become a Victim of Benedictum!