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Originally posted by:Troglodyte

Originally posted by:ChewYourFingers

Science in regards to biochemistry or physics, yes should stay in school curriculums. These are factual concepts, evolution, which I am sure most of you are pertaining to when saying science, is a theory. Religion is also a theory.

Personally, I believe that children should be made aware of the differences that both religion and science hold. Based upon these facts, allow the children to determine what their belief is. Whether or not religion plays a role in a child's education (if we are talking about public schooling) it will somehow influence their lives outside of school, most likely by parents.

96% of this world statistically speaking believes in a god of some sort, whether they practice their beliefs daily, and faithfully i do not know. Simply children will eventually make their own decisions anyway whether they are taught these subjects or not.

That's awesome^

aw man, that's the most retarded thing i've read so far.

if given the choice, kids are just going to "believe" whatever is the easiest to deal with. that's not a choice.
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