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Originally posted by: hesinparties

Truthfully, the common person needs to ignore the direct piracy issue at this time.

Lets say kyle_n and tom. are playing a friendly game of dance central and friend "x" takes video of them in action. Friend "x" hosts this video on youtube and makes it downloadable, then shares it with everyone on To my understanding of SOPA/PIPA, due to copyrighted material being on dance central, it is possible that friend "x", youtube and stereokiller are all in violation.

Penalties for friend "x" include up to 5 years in prison and significant fines.
Penalties for stereokiller and youtube are removal of results from designated search engines, cut off funds from US based advertisements on these websites and even the possibility of being sued.

Feel free to correct me if this is inaccurate.

That's essentially correct.

A regular user on, I think, Absolute Punk is a law student and read these in great detail. His example said that if you were to post a video of you dancing to Michael Jackson on youtube, you technically could go to prison for 5 years. Which is coincidentally 1 year longer than his doctor got for killing him.

It sounds like they are too broad in their wording. While they are meant to go after big offenders, the proud parent showing off their toddler dancing to some song can be hit with just as hefty of a penalty.

I agree with some of the ideas but not the entire bill itself. And whoever said that Stereokiller would be gone, they are almost entirely correct. All the videos and photos that are uploaded on here...heck Simon Cowell is a emoticon on here. All copyrighted material. The loss of advertisements, block from search engines, and the possibility of being sued would leave Chris with little to no option but to close up shop.
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