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July 27 2012 12:59 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I'm not sure what type of car I'd want, just something practical that will have good gas mileage, a good warranty and payments that are the same as I pay now ($380 a month) or cheaper.

I was thinking maybe a Hyundai or another Mazda. I absolutely looove my car now, but I'm just kind of sick of it. I smoked in it for 5 years and now that I quit I kind of hate driving around in it.
I put that the car was smoked in when I put the info into the blue book value thingy because I wanted the price to be it's realistic worth. I wouldn't take a penny less than the KBB value for it. And the buy it coupon from the dealership guaranteed me that price of $5800 so I would take that to where I'd go and kind of put my foot down on the value of it if they tried to tell me any different.

A girlfriend of mine told me I should try to go to Conicelli because they helped her do what I'm trying to do. (But, she owed like $20k on her car loan). Has anyone ever been there?
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