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Post your top-25 lists, conference predictions, general gripes, etc.

Here's my pre-season top-25

1. Alabama
2. Oklahoma
4. LSU
5. Michigan
6. West Virginia
7. Arkansas
8. Oregon
9. Florida State
10. Georgia
11. South Carolina
12. Clemson
13. Wisconsin
14. TCU
15. Kansas State
16. Virginia Tech
17. Michigan State
18. Texas
19. Nebraska
20. Boise State
21. Louisville
22. Utah
23. Oklahoma State
24. Cincinnati
25. BYU

And here is what I think will happen in the conferences

- ACC will come down to Virginia Tech in the Coastal and either Clemson or Florida State in the Atlantic

- The Big 12 is probably the best conference top-to-bottom, and at least 4 teams have a chance at winning it all here. Either West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas State or TCU will take the title in this league. Obviously I'm gunning for the Mountaineers, but moving to anew conference and completely re-hauling the defense might make it a bit too much to handle, even though our offense is going to be unstoppable.

- The Big East is going to come down to Louisville and Cincinnati, possibly South Florida, andI guess Rutgers could be a dark horse here. Louisville has 20 starters coming back from a real young team last year that did pretty well. South Florida has BJ Daniels for his senior year and a few other skill starters back, though. This is a great defensive league, so it'll ultimately come down to defense here.

- The Big 10, plain and simple, will feature Wisconsin from the Leaders Division (OSU and PSU banned from bowls/conference championship games) and Michigan. Michigan State is a sleeper pick here, but Denard Robinson is just so amazing that I think he keeps the Wolverines from losing more than one conference game, and the Spartans don't have a whole lot coming back.

- The PAC 12 will most-likely end up with Oregon and USC playing a rematch in the PAC 12 Championship Game, but I could see Utah giving USC fits in the south, just like Washington could give Oregon fits in the north. Still though, USE and Oregon are the top-tier programs in this league. With Andrew Luck and a ton of other important players gone from Stanford, I'm assuming there'll be at least a slight drop-off there.

- The SEC, once again, is great at the top and shit at the bottom. LSU and Bama will once again beat the shit out of everyone in the west while Georgia glides to an SEC East championship on the back of an easy-as-fuck schedule. I'm going to say Alabama will end up in the National Championship Game again in 2013, kind of a bummer.

Bowl Games:
Rose - Michigan/Oregon
Fiesta - West Virginia/USC
Sugar - Louisville/LSU
Orange - Florida State/Wisconsin
National Championship Game - Alabama/Oklahoma

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