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Wi-Fi is one of the most phenomenal innovations that have grazed our beloved planet. We can use it either at home on our personal computer, at shops, malls or even the library. The internet has never been a bigger blessing than it is now. The only thing that could possibly kill our fun with it is bad reception.

You will be surfing the web, downloading multiple apps and checking your social status at turtle speed, unless of course we can help you. Our article is a complete guide that will aim to fix your bad reception and get you to pick up the pace. Follow the steps below and kick your net speed up a couple of notches.

1.    Put the limit on mirrors

Many metallic surfaces reflect Wi-Fi signals, including thin layers of metal which are mirrors. It would benefit your surfing and downloading more if you were to limit or put away any mirror that’s close by.

2.    Use latest technology

You have to move with the rest of the world and that means that you have to keep up to date. To be more frank we mean that in order to get better Wi-Fi services, you need to use the latest devices. Yes it will pinch your wallet a bit, but in the end, you will be happier.

3.    Put large furniture

You should try and putting large furniture on the exterior walls of your home. That way, Wi-Fi signals won’t go out and you will get better reception for it in the end.

4.    Find the right spot for your router

If you want everyone to use the net, you have to place your router in the most accurate spot. Usually the best place to put it is in the open where there are no walls or any other obstructions. Put the antennas of your roster in the shape of the 90 degree angle and place the router in a higher position.

To make sure that everyone gets it, you have to place the router at the center of your house.

5.    Use a repeater or a wireless bridge

Nothing reeks more than having to barely pick up any signals from where you are. You may find yourself putting your modem in several different places just to catch those waves. To spare yourself of this agony, it would be better to install a wireless signal repeater.

It can extend your coverage without you having to do anything more with wires and junk. Just place the repeater between the access point and the computer and enjoy better speed.

6.    Say no to other appliances

It isn’t just other routers that cause interference, but also any other household or digital appliances. These include microwave ovens, cordless phones and others. Just place the router further away from those devices, or just remove the latter.

7.    Install better Wi-Fi security

It is no mystery how common Wi-Fi is these days. Pretty much anyone can just pick up the signal of your router and start surfing or downloading away. You should beef up your security if you don’t like strangers taking your bandwidth. You can use advanced modems with better encryption.

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