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March 21 2006 2:03 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
this is great. well worth the read all the way through.

Artie has a scarce resource in hardcore these days. Not only does he has a sharp sense of humor, he has the uncanny ability to realize the importance of not taking himself too seriously. I wouldn't exactly say he's known for taking anyone else overly seriously either. In addition, he has a rare devotion to brutal honesty and little tolerance for ass kissing. Most importantly in his own way he comes across as a very warm, open, and friendly person. I genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to talk with him.

If you could kick five people out of hardcore who would it be?
Oh god! the people that i hate make it so interesting though! i don't know...(laughter) this is fun...uh...Tony Victory, if he even counts as being in hardcore!

It's iffy..he just yelled at me for having negative Victory stuff in my zine, so we might have to edit that.
He has this reputation for calling people yelling at fanzines for giving his stuff bad reviews. That just proves what a dork he is.

It was sort of ridiculous because regarding the issues he was yelling at me about I had interviews with Buried Alive and Reach the Sky-who are both on Victory. Not to mention I've never really said any negative stuff about Victory. Except for when they bought the ad in the porno magazine. I thought that was pretty stupid. So I'm not sure he knew what zine he was talking about.
He's real thorough, he read the fanzines that he's calling to yell at...uh, five Okay, well him, right now probably Rob Fish. Who else? So many people to choose from...

Well if you want to go with more than five...kind of a hardcore ethnic cleansing.
(laugher)..ethnic cleansing!...Kent McClard...

Oh no!
Right away...and let's see, I want to choose them carefully because I want to have an explanation for each. Um..I'm having a hard time. DO you have anything that you want to gear me towards?

No, it''s just that while listening to you talk I thought, "You know i bet that's a guy that would like to get rid of a lot of people in hardcore."
I don't know...I'll have to stick with those three for now, I'll have to think of a few more later.

Feel free to add at any point.
Who did I get-Tony Victory, Kent McClard, Rob Fish, nobody else yet? I'll hold off on the other two.

All right, we'll go on and I'm sure as you answer questions, you'll think of some.
Do you need explanations for each?

If you want, feel free to elaborate.
I guess, Kent McClard probably because he is a big proponent of homogeny in hardcore and he likes to keep everything kind of what he percieves to be hardcore, not a lot of room for variation. Kent McClard just has a very narrow-minded view of what hardcore is and it's funny because from his point of view, he probably thinks he has a very broad view of what hardcore is and what hardcore means. But anyone who starts off a sentence with "What hardcore means to me..." or "what punk rock means to me.." should be executed on the spot. Because these people, everybody, especially me, people ar etired of hearing what everybody else's opinion about what hardcore is, and he has such long-winded tirades that really amount to nothing, that really accomplish nothing. The HeartattaCK fanzine really started out as a great idea and he's basically sort of used it as his "ego-vehicle." WHich is fine because my bands are my vehicle fo rmye go, so that's commendable, but if you try to mask it in this sort of fake minimalist set where everything that you say and promote is sort of this humble..It's sort of like martyrdom, false martyrdom, where you're the persecuted Kent McClard and he's calling out everybody else on their like with this senseless barcode argument that persists to this day that is so ridiculous it never ceases to drive me
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March 21 2006 3:44 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
bump for awesomeness
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March 21 2006 5:45 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
just in case this is too long for people on here, at least read this:

Okay, what's the most outrageous thing you've ever said or done?
Psheww, said or, I don't know about the most. The most outrageous thing I've ever done was probably in high school when I was working at a fast food place. Do you know what Arby's is?

Yeah, I worked at one, which is a big reason why I'm vegetarian. Um, some guy wa sgiving me a hard time and the two rules you gotta follow in life are never fuck with cops and never fuck with people who are cooking your food. I masturbated into his sandwich...I said, "Your sandwich is gonna take a minute, sir." And he said, "Hurry up, Jesus Christ, I don't have all day," whatever and I took his bun in the back of the store and I masturbated into his sandwich. It' sprobably the quickest I ever took masturbating in my whole life 'cause usually I like to take my time. But I got it done, smeared it all over his bun, I put his sandwich together and he sat down in front of me and ate it. So that's probably the most outrageous thing I've ever done in my life, as of yet. Said? I don't know..Um
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March 21 2006 11:24 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

that guy was awesome

where the hell's be been?

drink fight win
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March 22 2006 1:45 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
what are the chances that he'll show for superbowl?
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March 27 2006 9:12 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

oh shit, I've heard Celebrity Murders, and they own

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