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June 29 2006 11:20 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I just designed a site dedicated to original humor writing and videos- not a youtube video deal or anything, its all original stuff- and I'm looking to add regular writers to the staff. The site's format will be mostly based around humor writing, but I wish to expand upon makign videos and other aspects of humor. For now, however, the site needs writers, but we aren't just accepting anyone.

First off, the site- titled the Last Laugh Lounge- was designed to provide a unique sense of humor that doesn't rely on having to swear incessantly or use sophomoric humor/low-brow humor. What we are looking for with writers: must absolutely be FUNNY and not just be writing a bland essay chock full of boring opinions. The writing format we have now is very satirical and is designed to reach out to many people, not just stoned dropouts or intelligent adults.

It is very important you can spell and maintain more than just a sense of grammar. Our job is not to sit there and manually correct your spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Not everyone is perfect, but anyone submitting writing with 500 typos will not be published.

Finally, it is important that deadlines are met when asked of you. Since this is an online publication, deadlines are not as strict as a newspaper or magazine, BUT if we request to have a piece of writing by a certain time, we'd appreciate the punctuality. This site also serves the purpose of regularly and consistently delivering humorous updates on a daily basis, as opposed to the many humor sites out there who updated every few weeks, even months.

The site is not yet up and running as we are still gathering writers, but those interested in a preview can e-mail me at or drop me a line on AOL at accadence.

This is a volunteer position until things change. We envision this site growing and blossoming into something else that will receive the recognition it deserves, but only with your help and a team effort. Any other questions about the site, feel free to e-mail me questions or ask within this thread, whatever pleases you.

If you are interested in writing for us, e-mail me at and submit 3 pieces of writing.
You will be notified after the site administration have looked over your writing as to whether or not you have been approved.
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