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January 18 2007 12:23 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Let's face it, nobody gives a fuck about Africa, at least nobody that matters. Take Darfur for instance, two of my aquantences recently returned from there after serving in the mission field to protect the victims.
Here's the situation according to them:
Rebel groups rose up against the government; groups which included the wives and children of the rebels. The rebel groups de-united against one another and some of them even joined the government. My friend was driving a vehicle with supplies to the women and infants of the rebels, who told him to watch the roads ahead for an ambush on his way back to Darfur. On his way back his vehicle was ambushed by a combination of other rebels and government military, who were then counter-ambushed by yet ANOTHER band of rebels. He made it 70 kilometers with a blown out tire, a shattered windshield, 240 bullet holes in his truck and 21 rips in his clothing from anti-personnel rounds that through some act of God did not pass through his body as well.
All this "Rock for Darfur" bullshit and all your proceeds go to the government of Darfur, which is why the aquaintences I speak of came back after finding their efforts pointless in a maelstrom of death and confusion.

Max Schreck
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carlos danger
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carlos danger
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January 18 2007 1:08 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I was admiring yesterday that it has retained that name for some long... crabbery. hahaha.
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highly problematical
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January 18 2007 2:51 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
There are certainly problems with relief efforts directed to other parts of the world--you'll really find a similar situation in 6 of the seven continents (albeit to a greater or lesser degree). Because these efforts are made, no matter how faulty, I think it becomes difficult to claim no one cares about the other nations. In fact people do, and in fact I don't think that the situations over there are really outside the experience of history.
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January 20 2007 12:55 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
if it wasnt so full of fucking niggers...
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