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May 8 2007 1:09 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Im looking to either join or start up a Hardcore Band like Quicksand, Helmet, and Snapcase, Im realy only into that style and sound of Hardcore, Although I do like DRI to, I been playing for about 6 or 7 years off and on, but Im great at Riffs but I can solo a bit, Im located in the Northeast Philly area, Im 31 but dont look it and Drug Free, if interested call (215) 379-0417 ask for Dave, even if its not a full Band call me, You cant live a half hour away from Northeast Philly, and you Must be over 21..................
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May 14 2007 2:01 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Back To Back has been looking for a second guitarist. We practice in Easton... not sure if that's going to be too far away for you. We have a guitarist who is solid as a lead player, but we've been wanting a good rhythm player who can also help write. You can check us out on our myspace profile: click here for link We're a straight forward hardcore band and we pretty much just write what sounds good t us, we don't try to emulate anyone in particular. Anyway, give me a shout if you're interested. Hit our myspace profile or send an email to
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