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Nicholas Steinborn

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May 15 2007 8:13 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Hey guys,

I'm about to make a dive into moving into a legitimate studio with a friend of mine and some other engineers. As of now, I'm just an extra guy there, but I still have rent to pay and all that. I'll be moving up there in a few weeks, but I don't have any work lined up. I don't want to line up any full band projects, because I'm still not 100% sure how the tracking room will be working(and my friend already has a few sessions booked). I'd like to try to get some mixing projects to help pay my first month's rent.

Does anyone have a home recorded(or even studio tracked) project that they'd like a solid mix on? I've revived awful tracking from the dead in the past, so I can help out any iffy tracking if needed.

Here are a few samples of my work: - click here for link

"Charleston" was entirely tracked by the kid who wrote it and had awful sounding.. everything. That would be the best example of how much I can revive a mix.

I can Autotune and sample replace with the best of them. If you're looking for a polished sound, I can help you out. I can also do a more raw mix, if that's what you want. I will bring the best out of your tracks.

I'm asking for $150 a song. I can take checks, Paypal, and will consider any trades of gear.

If anyone is interested, I'd just need you to send me all the files mixed down to the same length so I can just pop them into a Pro Tools or Cubase session. It would probably be best to mail me a DVDR or a few CDRs with the files burned on them. I can post my progress along the way, too. For the masters, I can mail you an audio CD, or just upload the wav files online. Your choice.

I'd say the turn around time from me receiving the files to giving you a mastered copy would be 2-3 weeks with any revisions.

Feel free to shoot me an IM(i51423), a PM on here, a message on my Myspace, or call me at: 2158470309

Nicholas Steinborn
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May 19 2007 11:45 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Here's a couple high quality tracks from the past year:

The Wonder Years - I Ain't Sayin' He a Gold Digga(SIKE!) - click here for link
Bangarang - By Heart - click here for link
The Decline - In the End - click here for link
Bad News Bears - Charleston - click here for link

I will cut down what I can on full lengths and such. I'll do simpler acoustic songs for $50 a track, too.
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