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June 18 2008 3:29 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
three days a week and resting yourself for two...there's no way you're overtraining. the symptoms of overtraining are as follows.

-you're exhausted most of the time, but you have trouble sleeping at night.
-you're achy all over, beyond the specific fatigue and lactic acid you feel in your target muscles from individual training. you'll feel sluggish almost like you have a light case of the flu
-you're getting weaker...dropping weights or reps. not necessarily a plateau, but more like a general pattern of decreased strength over time.
-you're injuring yourself frequently in small ways, like a nagging or reoccuring pain in a body part that shows up even when you're not training it.
-you're immune system is down and you're catching colds, sties, cold sores and that sorta thing. you're body's overwhelmed because you're taxing your body too much.

if this is you, here's what to do about it:
-cut back on cardio...lower intensity casual cardio for like 15-30 minutes and keep it to like twice a week. just enough to get the heart rate up but you're not going full bore and killing yourself
-take 3 days off from training. don't scrap the program all together but your body is telling you it needs time to catch up to you and recuperate. after all, you grow when you recover, not when you're training.
-eat better quality food-healthy fats, bump up the complex carbs, whole food protein, and make sure you're taking a multivitamin.
-call your girl over and get a massage (happy ending is optional)
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June 18 2008 8:40 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by:asking_for_it

-call your girl over and get a massage (happy ending is optional)

That's funny. haha
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July 5 2008 12:25 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by: brian.

Originally posted by: pahulkster

Work your legs bitches

besides myself, my brother, and my dad, i dont know anyone else (outside of this site) who works legs at all.

a guy i know at work will just do 5 lb leg extensions for 30 minutes if he sees a girl on the treadmill with a nice ass. thats the closest anyone i know comes to working legs.

how many people do you know that are strong and have a respectable physique?
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July 5 2008 12:51 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I work my legs a lot. Especially my hamstrings. I do lots of squatting and a lot of deadlifting. My knees are all scrapped up from deadlifting cause I do it so close to my body, but that has stopped since I wear sweat pants when doing them now.
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July 8 2008 12:50 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
most of the time i do 4 days, but when im really feeling good i do 5 days.
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