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Originally posted by:Philds15

jared allen is playing out of his mind this year

Defensive player of the year for sure if he keeps up a pace even remotely close to what he's at now. Dude is a monster.
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Originally posted by: tyrod24

Originally posted by: tommynorcal


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Originally posted by:sidney

Originally posted by:..::localeye::..

i had favre and minnesota failing at the beginning of the season...i was wrong. favre, peterson, allen, harvin...they are all playing at level 10. my only question is can they hold onto that momentum for another 8 weeks. teams that go deep into the playoffs/super bowl hit the stride they are in later in the season.

did you watch Red Zone yesterday.....the guy was joking saying that they had an update on the Vikings/Packers game (even though it has yet to start since the 1 o'clock game were on) and they went to a clip of Farve arriving at Lambeau field.....the Red Zone dude starts saying that "Farve was reported to have been seen leaving the hotel wearing a baseball cap, then he went back to a knit hat, then back to a baseball cap but finally deciding to go with the knit hat.......more later on this"

obviously a joke on how much coverage he and that game were getting this past weekend.

i was on my way home from the eagles game so no...i like the host. he isn't annoying which is a huge +
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November 2 2009 6:44 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
havent tuned into espn today but im sure they are sucking favres dick right now
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