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MMM..Johnny Cakes
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November 13 2009 10:14 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
hester is nothing special as far as WR's go
new cocks
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November 13 2009 10:19 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
other than the occasional time where he burns someone by 15 yards, hes not good.
Bird watcher
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November 13 2009 10:21 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by:brian.

Originally posted by:..::localeye::..

Originally posted by:brian.

(DEVIN HESTER) he may be the easiest read as far as kick returning goes.

I don't understand what this means

his rookie season he caught everyone off guard with not only his overall speed, but his agility and quickness when changing directions. i would say 75% of the time his first move is actually backwards and then towards the open side of the field. teams have adjusted to this by typically not trying to absolutely boot the ball off the face of the planet, to punting or kicking off a little bit shorter than they would, then defensively they cover a wider area. rather than have everyone hustle balls out straight to where he caught the ball, covering a wider spread of the field gives him less options. with a slightly shorter kick/punt, he's not able to have the time or space to make the huge breakaways like he did in the past.

i think thats why danieal manning and johnny knox get the nod mostly on kickoff returns. they are just raw speed with no flashy cuts and spins. they'll get 20 yards after the catch by running 20 yards. hester will get 15 yards after the catch by running 35 yards.

i dont live in Chicago so i'm not up on every tid bit of bears info...but my take on it. they took him off most punt returns because no one was kicking to him period. everything was to the sideline. then once they started to use him more as a WR they took him off kick returns because you don't want him blasted 4 times a game. i still think he is the biggest threat in the NFL at returns even thou he doesn't do it much anymore. if anything...he doesn't have the same special teams squad blocking for him he had a couple of years ago
new cocks
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November 13 2009 11:06 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
agreed on him being the biggest threat. i guess i just get frustrated when he runs around in circles and barely gains any yards on a return...but then i forget hes doing that at the 30. its a different game when he is involved.

his WR game needs work though. him running routes is kind of scary to watch, especially earlier this season.
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