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January 17 2010 11:49 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Right on !!! I have a vid of New School, Murphy's Law, Side Over @ the Staircase @Kmart....I think Bosstones as well

Originally posted by: NEPAHC717

Ossuary almost made it too. That's awesome. Tried to get Incarnated, Magnus and Firefly too. Unfortunately because of trying to keep the DVD under 2 hours for picture quality reasons, I could really only use footage, all of which I had to transfer from VHS to DVD then to Mov. files, of full songs from each band. I have sick Incarnated and Magnus footy but the songs cut off or start late etc. In some cases, lighting is just too bad to work with or file types aren't compatible or there just plain wasn't anything anyone filmed for me to use.

The good thing is is that all of the shows are now preserved on disc. I have tons of shows from Sea Sea's and Mantis Green although none from the Staircase at KMart as I'm thinking about it. Some day I'll get a chance to put some on Youtube.

As far as the Exhibit, no one was left out. Take a look at the pics and check it out. Krutch and SFAR and I believe Mushmouth are in them as tapes or clothing or stickers. Anyone that went to it would have seen all the flyers, over 400 of them from various local spots, and know that every band that existed at all in Hardcore during those 10 years was on them. Vince at Sea Sea's should have a statue to him made and placed in Moosic. Everything that was contributed was stuff saved by people for like 10 or 20 yrs. In then end I worked with what I could and no one that went looked like they were disappointed. If one good thing came out of it, it's that a lot of people came together as friends again. That's my idea of what Hardcore is to me. Hopefully someone will do a 2000-2010 and show the next generation that part of history.

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February 28 2010 5:41 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
There's great Unisound pics on Facebook. Club that was in Reading, PA in the early 90's. Some scranton area bands played there. A look back at history.
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