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April 23 2010 8:11 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
In light of the super friends episode now being taken offline in addition to the new episode edit, if you want to speak up, here's a convenient way to tell the network how you see things:

click here for link
Matti Frost
The Winter's Wrath
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April 23 2010 2:39 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

And keep it polite, brief, and rational.

I am very disappointed in Comedy Central's decision to cave in to threats made by Muslim fanatics and censor South park's 201st episode as well as remove the older episode that had Mohammed in it. By doing so, you are validating the tactics of radical Muslims to censor our media and entertainment. They will continue to threaten and wrest us into submission so long as stations and media outlets continue to give in to their absurd demands.

Comedy Central is usually my go-to station but I really don't think I can watch your programming so long as you continue to give in to a bunch of lunatics who don't understand satire. Please reconsider your decision to censor South Park, and I will reconsider my decision to no longer watch Comedy Central.

~Matt Frost,
Boyertown, PA
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