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shooter mcgavin
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May 29 2010 3:24 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Up for sale is my Engl Pro 4x12 cab. I've had this thing for about 3 years and gigged it on occasion, but i haven't been playing out much lately so it has just been sitting around collecting dust. The thing is in pretty awesome shape...9/10 for sure.

There is a minor ding in the tolex on the top left corner of the cab but it's really nothing major. All the speakers work perfectly and sound great. The casters are included as well and work perfectly.

It's a really solid cabinet, both in build quality and sonically. i'm sure i'll regret selling it, but i have 5 cabs at the moment and i'm only really using 1 right now.

I'd really prefer to keep this some-what local because i'm not shipping this thing. It's really heavy and i just don't want to deal with that.
I'm in Philly but the cab is currently located near Harrisburg. I'd be willing to drive to meet up and i could meet you half-way or whatever. If you're interested just include your location and we could figure something out.

I'm looking to get around $700 for the cab. I haven't really seen a lot of these on the used market and new they go for around $1200 i believe.

(sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, i can take better ones if need be)

Matti Frost
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June 14 2010 1:09 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
If I had the scratch I'd buy it.

Nice cab.
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