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Richard Dunn, a bespectacled and rail-thin actor known almost exclusively for playing a talk show host on 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!', has died at age 73. The Adult Swim show's creator, Tim Heidecker, broke the news Friday afternoon on Twitter. Heidecker said Dunn passed away at precisely 7:14 AM on Friday.

His agent, William Kerwin, told the AP that Dunn had been unconscious at a Hollywood hospital since Sunday. The cause of death is unknown.

On 'Tim and Eric,' Dunn delighted viewers with his trademark sweater, slurred speech and supremely odd questions for guests. Dunn appeared in several episodes of the show since 2007, and his segments -- think Charlie Rose with poor preparation -- were always memorable.

According to available bio information online, Dunn has only been working regularly in Hollywood for about two decades. Recently, he played Brett Favre on 'The Tonight Show' and had a cameo as a 110-year-old man on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation.'

Dunn's typo-riddled resume is a treasure trove of information on the character actor. He was a Navy veteran and served on the USS Dixie, a maintenance ship for destroyers. What he did upon leaving the service is unclear, but from 1977 to 2006, he played a "scary actor" during Halloween season at Universal Studios.

Along the way, he played "old man dancing" in a Tom Jones video and an "old man in hot tub with pretty girls" in P. Diddy's music video for 'Bad Boys for Life.' There were also a series of memorable Bud Light commercials in which he played an airline pilot.

Dunn also had small roles in 'The Wedding Singer,' 'Road to Perdition' and the Showtime series, 'Weeds,' his resume asserts.

But his biggest break came when he landed the recurring role as a warped version of himself on 'Tim and Eric,' a bizarre breed of comedy show that has the look and feel of public access television. Heidecker talked about his and Eric Wareheim's first encounter with Dunn in a 2007 AV Club interview:

"We actually saw him from our office, in the parking lot, getting out of his car, smoking a cigarette. He was wearing that sweater ... It was immediate to us. We looked at each other and jumped up and down. Then once he started talking, it was unbelievable."
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goodnight sweet prince.
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Originally posted by: chrislynch

goodnight sweet prince.

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